Who is Edna?

You might be wondering, since the name of this blog is Adventures with Edna, who exactly is Edna? Well she’s a member of our family and provides us with endless entertainment and fun. We make lots of memories with her. She is our travel trailer camper.

Edna is an East to West brand bumper pull camper. We name most things people names and our camper was no exception. Since it was East to West we thought the initials EW was appropriate. So Edna Waverly was decided. We talk about her like she’s a real person and she’s tons of fun. We love camping with her.

Edna was actually not our first camper. Our very first camper was a Gulf Stream Vintage Cruiser we named Peggy. She has wood grain interior with red and white decor complete with white wall tires and moon hub caps. She was a beauty. But like most first timers, we didn’t really know what we needed or wanted and sadly Peggy just wasn’t big enough for our family to comfortably travel. We upgraded to Edna about a year later.

I started this blog to document our travels and keep our memories in one place. We made a bucket list for our family to visit all Tennessee State Parks so I thought I might do reviews of them also.

We believe you can have adventure anywhere if you want to and have the right attitude. It doesn’t have to be lavish or expensive. It’s all about spending time with your loved ones, trying something new and having fun. Make those memories no matter how small. I hope by sharing our experiences, you can get inspired to make some adventures of your own.

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