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Fall Spice Cake

Does your Thanksgiving dessert table need spicing up this year?  Well this is the little cake that will do the job.  This is a chocolate, pecan, spice loaf cake with cream cheese icing.  Yes, you read that right.  For such a little cake, it packs all things good and wonderful about the Thanksgiving season.  This cake comes together really fast as it uses a cake mix for its base.  I am one of those people who tends to go overboard on desserts when we get together, which is rare, so it is a treat when there is a cake that comes together quickly.  You can adjust the pumpkin pie spice and nutmeg to your taste preferences.  You may be feeling like spicy Sally, or just feeling a tad spicy.  Me, I am pretty spicy…ask Sir Streusel.  Now let’s discuss Cream Cheese Frosting.  I don’t need to put this frosting on anything.  Just hand me a spoon, then back away.  Some of the frosting may actually find its way to the cake!  So, to sum up this cake, start with a cake mix.  Add chocolate, spices and top it with yummy cream cheese frosting and you have yourself a delicious little spice cake to be thankful for!

Not only is it delicious, but it is a dang cute cake!
Not only is it delicious, but it is a dang cute cake!

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Creamed Corn

Well, it’s that time when we are all getting our menus together for the Thanksgiving feasts that we will be gorging on very soon.  I will have one punk home with Sir Streusel and me.  I will take what I can get when it comes to spending time with my punks.  I am going to love on him so much that he may sneak out during the night and head back to Raleigh to get away from his “Smother Mother.”  Then again he may stay a tad longer after being waited on hand and foot.  It’s a good life for the punks when they come home to their Mama and Edna.  I wanted to share a veggie dish that is perfect for Thanksgiving, Creamed Corn.  I have a freezer full of fresh corn thanks to a cousin that has a huge garden next door to my Daddy and sweet Mama in Mississippi.  Daddy picked it for me, Sir Streusel shucked and froze it for me.  I must say, it’s a good life for me with my Daddy and Sir Streusel.  This dish can also use frozen corn, no worries.  Of course I had to sprinkle a little, who am I kidding…a lot of parmesan cheese on top.  Life is just better with cheese.  Don’t even attempt to tell me different.  We can’t be friends if you don’t believe in the power of cheese!  When you are making out your grocery list for the big day, add these ingredients.  Whatever you do, don’t leave the cheese off the list….I want us to stay friends forever! Continue reading Creamed Corn