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Strawberry/Blueberry Pie

Is there anything better than biting into a fresh strawberry?  When our punks were little, every year Eric would take them to pick strawberries.  Our little Paige would eat as many as she picked right from the ground.  She had juice running out of the corners of her little mouth.  One day as they were picking berries, she picked one that was covered in dirt and was so excited when she showed her daddy her berry.  Her words exactly, “Look daddy, it already has sugar on it!”

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The Best of Summer Dessert Round-up

I have rounded up my favorite summer desserts using the deliciousness of the summer fruits that are available right now.  It is time to get the cobblers baking and the trifles in the fridge!

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Strawberry Shortcake

This past weekend was beautiful in Pensacola.  Perfect temperatures, perfect weather, perfect day to take a ride and spend the day outside enjoying a festival.  Fairhope, Alabama has to be, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful Southern towns to visit.  It is about an hour from our home.  It truly represents everything Southern.  The annual Arts and Crafts festival was this past weekend.  We saw some amazing pieces but more importantly we enjoyed just being outside enjoying the glorious day!

Sir Streusel had a GREAT day!  He didn’t think twice about getting his picture made with these Southern Belle’s.  He may look confused, but trust me, he knew right where he was!

I can’t take him anywhere.

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Strawberry Dream Bars

We spent one day this past weekend at Sweet Mama’s house canning figs.  You can read all about that here.  There are lots of videos of Sweet Mama and Daddy and of course the lead canner “Sir Streusel”.  I took soup and dessert over as I knew the kitchen would be off limits for cooking.  Sweet Mama loves strawberries.  Anything that has strawberries in it, she will eat it and she will love it!  This is the dessert I took over for all of us to enjoy, but mostly for Sweet Mama, I’m nice like that.


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Summer Berry Tart

Once a month the ladies in my Sunday School Class have Ladies Night Out.  We go to a restaurant, eat, laugh and eat dessert.  Edna and I take the dessert.  Edna’s nice about taking care of the Ladies of the FOLD.  It was National Selfie Day so of course we had to participate.



You can’t imagine how many shots it took to get one shot of everyone in the picture.  Girlfriend isn’t good with a selfie stick……..

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Summer Berry Trifle

Today it’s all about the summer berries.  My blueberries are coming in and I am using them every possible way that a blueberry can be eaten. For Father’s Day I baked Sir Streusel a trifle.  It’s kinda hot in Florida, you know, 95 degrees with 90% humidity!  I thought a cool fruit dessert would fit the menu for his special day. 

Isn't it gorgeous!
            Isn’t it gorgeous!

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Christmas in the ‘Sip and Mama’s Strawberry Cake

As I have mentioned before, I am a born and bred Mississippi gal.  We Mississippians like to call home the ‘Sip’.  My sweet Mama and Daddy always have and always will live in the ‘Sip.  My punks LOVE their Memaw and Papa Gene.  When they were little, they were completely in love with them.  Going to “Sippissippi” (as my small punks called it) was better than Disney World.  My daddy was like Daniel Boone to my boys.  He would take them hunting, fishing, teach them how to work with tools in the workshop, and search for arrow heads in the woods.  To this day, when the punks come home, we make the two and a half hour drive to Mama and Daddy’s house.  They wouldn’t think about going home without seeing them.

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