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Chicken Stew

It’s been two weeks of emotions all over the map to say the least.  First and most importantly, let me share my Valentine present from my Sir Streusel.  This was my happy point in the past two weeks.  He had texted me the sweetest text earlier in the day and you can see my sweet response right back to my Valentine.

Are we the sweetest?!  Well, let me share with you the diamonds I received.

And just like that love was blooming in our home!  

Hey, do I have a romantic guy or what?!  I love how we tease each other.  If we do nothing else, we laugh…we laugh a lot. We don’t take ourselves too seriously.  Life is too short.  I loved my Valentine gift.  I showed it off with pride.  He knew exactly how much I would love lying in bed, eating my Pecan Log and watching any of the Housewives’s on Bravo.  I can’t wait until next Valentine’s day. Continue reading Chicken Stew

Beef Stew

When beef appears on the table, I have a happy man in the house.  I don’t eat beef, haven’t eaten it for probably 30 years or more.  Therefore, I don’t cook it much.  Poor Sir Streusel needs to have his inner cave man satisfied every now and then and  I do that with….beef.  I place a bowl of stew in front of him and all I hear are grunts, moans and lots of…..”Thank you Baby Love.  (grunt, grunt) Really, thank you so much. (grunt, moan) This is so good.  (moan, moan) I know you don’t eat this and you did it just for me.  (gggrrrruuunnntttt) I just want you to know how much I appreciate it.”  Why don’t I treat this man more often?!


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