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Crockpot Lasagne

These past few weeks have been hit or miss on preparing meals in our home.  I was spending virtually every waking moment with Viv.  When I did get home to prepare a meal, it had to quick and easy or get the crockpot going first thing in the morning.  If you have never tried Crockpot Lasagne, get you crock pot out now!

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Pork Tacos with the Instant Pot

I am late jumping on the “Instant Pot” bandwagon.  Mainly because pressure cookers have scared me to death!  I have never cooked with one before.  This is the main reason why….


Yea, that’s why I have a fear of pressure cooking.  Last week, both of my boys called me telling me I HAVE to get an Instant Pot.  I replied, “No I don’t.  Those things are dangerous and I want to live!”  After much coaxing, they assured me the “Instant Pot” was safe and foolproof.  They also could not stop talking about how delicious and tender everything was that they cooked in the Instant Pot. Continue reading Pork Tacos with the Instant Pot

Spicy Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Here is a meal for you that is low carb, low fat, and best of all, cooked in the slow cooker!  It involves three ingredients: chicken, lime vinaigrette and chipotle peppers.

Can you believe this comes from three ingredients?!

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Slow Cooker Beef Stroganoff

What a glorious weekend we had in the panhandle.  It was picture perfect.  The girls, Stella and Paloma, were begging for a puppachinno.  My order was: Pumpkin Spice Latte, Vanilla Bean Frappachinno and two Pumpkin Spice Puppachinnos.  Yes, our girls are coffee snobs.  They know what they want, they know how they want it, and they know exactly how to attack their puppachinno.  Observe…….

I know, there is a lot of cuteness in this video.  Apparently Pumpkin Spice Puppachinnos are lip smacking good! Continue reading Slow Cooker Beef Stroganoff

Slow Cooker Cherry and Pineapple Cobbler

Today I am bringing out the Slow Cooker…..again.  If it will keep my kitchen cooler, me cooler, and the girls (Stella and Paloma) cooler, then BRING IT!  I have a dessert ready for Sir Streusel every time he returns home from work.  He spends four days a week out of town which means eating out and no desserts.  He said he would never waste calories on restaurant desserts when he gets the good stuff at home.  My heart zings every time I hear him say that.  When he gets home from this trip, a perfectly delicious Cherry and Pineapple Cobbler will be waiting for him that I didn’t even break a sweat while making.


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Hawaiian Barbecue Chicken

Lately, I have been having a tropical vibe.  We live on a gorgeous  beach with turquoise water, sugar white sand and gentle breeze.  Every weekend as I am floating in my chair trying to beat the heat, I envision myself as a beautiful hula dancer.

hula 2
This is me…….in my head…..as I float around in my chair…..with sweat rolling down my face

But something deep down inside me tells me that this is what people would really see if I broke out into my hula dance…….


But really, who would you rather spend some tropical time with?  The gorgeous, serene beauty or the wild woman just not having a care in the world and dancing her heart out?!   Yea, I thought so, I would be so much fun as a hula girl.

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Pulled Barbecue Chicken

Today I have another Crock-pot, or Slow Cooker, recipe for you.  Every year, Sir Streusel and I rent a lake house in the Georgia Mountains and do nothing, seriously, nothing. Eric fishes from sun up until sun down.  We don’t even go out to eat except for one night.  I take the Crock-pot and of course my cast iron skillet  and do easy meals for us.  It is all about slowing down, resting and refreshing.  Pulled Barbecue Chicken Sandwiches is on the menu every year.


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Honey Garlic Chicken

Oh….my…..word!  This dish is knock your socks off good!  It’s like crazy good man!  It’s like an explosion in your mouth good!  It’s like don’t get in my way until I have licked my plate clean!!  Okay, have I gotten you excited by this dish?  The first thing that should excite you is that you use your slow cooker.  Seriously, I love putting food in my slow cooker, coming back 4 or 5 hours later and dinner is DONE!  Edna, my beloved oven, gets a break and I do too.  I served the chicken over rice as Sir Streusel is a rice fanatic. It could be served in a sandwich or in a wrap sandwich.  There are countless ways to use the chicken, but I would suggest just getting it in your mouth ASAP.  

You know you want a bite.

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