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Boneless Pork Chops with Relish

If you love flavor, you will love this dish.  Your husband will love this dish.  Your children will love this dish.  They will love you for preparing this dish for them.  In other words, make this dish.  There is nothing better, or more comforting, than a lightly battered fried pork chop that melts in your mouth.  I think my sweet Mama gave me fried pork chops when I was in my crib.  I think I may have even used the bone for a pacifier….maybe.  Anyway, back to the recipe.  I topped the chops  with a relish, a black-eyed pea relish!  It will knock your socks off.  It might knock other things off, but I would rather not know about that.  Seriously, the relish just takes the delicious chops to entirely different level.  Quick and easy to get on table.  Prepare this, you have no excuses! Continue reading Boneless Pork Chops with Relish