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Chocolate Shortbread Bars

When Sir Streusel returns home each week, this little girl, Stella, is ready to see her Daddy.  They have this ritual on his first night back home where they get eye to eye and play non stop for about 30 minutes.  Stella is quick, really quick, and she can jump around the bed like a cat.  I am worn out just watching them each week.

These two have a thing for each other.
These two have a thing for each other.

This past week my Sunday School class had its monthly Ladies Night Out.  It turned out to be the “Sisterhood of the Traveling Ladies Night Out.”  We decided that we would go downtown and eat outside with a view of our beautiful water.  As some of us arrived, and I am holding a container of delicious Chocolate Shortbread Bars to share, we were told it would be an hour and a half before they could seat us.  No problem, we will just take the party somewhere else.  We started frantically texting the ladies that we knew were coming  to tell them we were changing restaurants.  We arrived at restaurant number two, I am still carrying my container of Chocolate Shortbread Bars, and we are told yet again, one hour to one and a half hour wait.  We find out that James Taylor is in concert and that is why all the downtown restaurants are packed.  Now, I love my Ladies of the FOLD, but I would have ditched them in a second to hear JT  sing “Sweet Baby James.”  So we pull out our phones and text away telling the ladies we are moving to yet another restaurant.  We pull up to the third restaurant, which by the way is five minutes from my home so I have come full circle, walk in and have a great meal with wonderful fellowship.  This….this is what made it all worthwhile….


These Chocolate Shortbread Cookies are to die for.  I mean like, crazy good! Continue reading Chocolate Shortbread Bars

Pecan Pie…with Chocolate

A couple of days ago, I was making a grocery list and preparing to go to the grocery store.  As I was making my list, Sir Streusel said, and I quote, “Are you going to bake me something sweet?  If not, just buy me a bag a cookies.”  After I counted to ten and did a few deep breaths, my reply was, “Of course I am going to bake you something this weekend.  I already have all the ingredients.  I will start as soon as I get home.  You poor, pitiful baby.    Your wife and Edna would never think of serving you a bag of cookies.  Now come here and let me rub your back and make you feel special.”  Nah, that was not my response.  After a BIG  eyeroll, my response went like this, “Don’t I always?  I am going to start on it as soon as I get back from the store.  Ok?  Ok.”  Seriously, I always bake him a goody on the weekend.  He works so hard during the week he deserves a treat.  Not to mention he has the same size waist as he did when we were first married.  I guess he was panicking that he wasn’t going to get his baked goody on that weekend.  He loves Pecan Pie.  I love chocolate, no secret there.  I merged the two and made heaven.  This would be a great Thanksgiving pie to have on the table.  The chocolate just gives it a little extra bit of gooey decadence…that can never be a bad thing! Continue reading Pecan Pie…with Chocolate