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The Bunco Night Without Me

One of the best things I did this year was join a Bunco group.  I had never played Bunco before, didn’t even know what it was.  I thought it was a card game!  There are 12 ladies in the group and we each have a month that we host the night in our home.  My month was May.  No one likes a party better than me.  No one likes to entertain better than me.  No one likes to see people enjoying themselves while eating my food more than me.   Sadly, I missed the entire night.

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Annual Ladies of the FOLD Tea Party

It comes every year.  It’s over too soon.  I want the day to continue forever.  Any day that I can spend with my Ladies of the FOLD is a great day. The FOLD is the name of my Sunday School Class, Following Our Lord Daily.  We celebrated our eighth annual tea party this past Saturday.  I have been working on it for months.  The past three weeks have involved setting the menu, tablescapes, grocery shopping, tea selecting, and all the extras that are involved.  It is worth every minute of planning and baking.  My home is full of tea, food, teacups, laughing, and wonderful friends.  How blessed am ?!


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Ladies of the FOLD Tea Parties through the Years

I starting hosting tea parties when my ballerina baby, who is now 24 years old, was five years old.  I would host a Mother/Daughter tea and it was so much fun to see the little girls in their best dresses and party hats come and eat tea food and sip tea.  Well, ballerina baby is grown and gone, insert me crying, but my love for hosting tea parties still burns strong.  Tea parties are just a wonderful opportunity for ladies to sit around the table eating delicious food, sipping great tea and to just enjoy the friendship that is among the group.


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A Valentine Party with the FOLD

I am a member of the best Sunday School Class ever!!!  We are called “The FOLD”, Following Our Lord Daily.  These people are my family.  They are the first to show up and the last to leave when there is a need in our class.  But please be assured, these friends of mine LOVE to have a good time!  Our teacher retired and we honored him at our Valentine Party.  Edna and I gifted a dessert table.  The class seemed to enjoy it, but then again, they are very easy to please!!


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Christmas Cookies and a Christmas Party

Last week my Sunday School Class, the FOLD, held our annual Christmas Party.  As usual, their was much laughing, great fellowship, good food, and our annual “Dirty Santa” game.  “Dirty Santa” is a game where participants steal gifts from one another trying to end up with the best, or at least not the worst gift.  It is so much fun and we do play “dirty”…not down and dirty, just “dirty.  I had opened a perfectly adorable snowman teapot that was perfect for me and someone, I won’t name names, stole it from me!  It worked out because in the end I went home with a beautiful red Christmas Platter.  I love to give “Lovies” at parties.  A ‘Lovie” is a little gift that I give out that lets me love on my friends just a little bit more.  I set a timer and every 10 minutes or so, the timer goes off, scares everyone out of their skin, a name is drawn and a “Lovie” is presented.  For our Christmas party, I gave out little trays of Christmas cookies.  

I package them real cute and it just makes me happy to see my friends become so thrilled to receive something so simple. It's all about the love.
I package the cookie trays really cute and it just makes me happy to see my friends become thrilled to receive something so simple. It’s all about the love.

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Donut Cake

The third Tuesday of every month, the ladies in our Sunday School Class, The FOLD, meet at a restaurant for Ladies Night Out.  Edna provides a baked treat or goodies to share with the ladies.  The Ladies of the FOLD love, and I mean LOVE, Edna.  Recently, I saw this giant Donut Cake Pan and knew I had to have it.  I have no regrets for the purchase.  It makes the cutest Donut Cake that is perfect for Birthday parties, Ladies Night Out, or breakfast fellowships.   I really can’t think of any occasion this cake would not be perfect for.  It is so easy.  I used a Strawberry jam filling that was delicious with the glaze icing.  It received a lot of ‘oohs and aahhhs’ from the ladies when I lifted the cake pan.  But then again, these ladies always ooh and aah!!

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