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Poppy Seed Cake

It’s been COLD in Florida. I mean like, actually wearing a coat cold!!!  Rare days indeed for us but so much fun.  Sir Streusel was outside doing yard work in the cold and I baked us a cake….no surprise there.  I have been wanting a Poppy Seed Cake and a cold day seemed like the perfect time to bake one.

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Glazed Chicken Breasts

We almost always have chicken in our freezer.  Almost.  Always.  Almost always.  Always almost.  Ok, I think we chased that chicken long enough.  I love a quick way to get a piece of chicken on the table.  This has a light glaze, not a thick gravy, of delicious flavor that coats the chicken.  The glaze is a little sweet, a little tangy.  I don’t have proof, but I have heard that I may have been described this way.  The key to this recipe is to just brown the chicken in the skillet, don’t kill it.  Then finish baking in the oven just until cooked throughout.  We don’t want the chicken to have a second death.  We also don’t want anyone choking on the chicken at your table. I served my  Tomatoes and Onions with Vinaigrette as a side dish.  Oh boy oh boy, what a great meal!  Sir Streusel gobbled it up.  Your pantry should have most of the ingredients stocked, so no excuses.  Get glazing!!

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