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Annual Ladies of the FOLD Tea Party

It comes every year.  It’s over too soon.  I want the day to continue forever.  Any day that I can spend with my Ladies of the FOLD is a great day. The FOLD is the name of my Sunday School Class, Following Our Lord Daily.  We celebrated our eighth annual tea party this past Saturday.  I have been working on it for months.  The past three weeks have involved setting the menu, tablescapes, grocery shopping, tea selecting, and all the extras that are involved.  It is worth every minute of planning and baking.  My home is full of tea, food, teacups, laughing, and wonderful friends.  How blessed am ?!


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Ladies of the FOLD Tea Parties through the Years

I starting hosting tea parties when my ballerina baby, who is now 24 years old, was five years old.  I would host a Mother/Daughter tea and it was so much fun to see the little girls in their best dresses and party hats come and eat tea food and sip tea.  Well, ballerina baby is grown and gone, insert me crying, but my love for hosting tea parties still burns strong.  Tea parties are just a wonderful opportunity for ladies to sit around the table eating delicious food, sipping great tea and to just enjoy the friendship that is among the group.


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Couples Night Out

Every third Tuesday of the month, the Ladies of my Sunday School Class have Ladies Night Out.  We meet at a restaurant and Edna and I bring baked goodies.  This month, we invited our handsome husbands to join us.  Sir Streusel was out of town so this sweet couple, Chris and Vickie Golightly, invited me to be their date for the night.

Chris and Vickie Golightly were my dates.

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Ladies of the FOLD Annual Tea Party


Sir Streusel and I are members of the FOLD Sunday School Class at our church, Olive Baptist.  FOLD stands for “Following Our Lord Daily.”  We are a tight knit class, we are…FAMILY.  We celebrate together, we grieve together, we pray together and for each other.  I don’t have family in town so the FOLD is everything to me.  One way I show my love to the ladies in the class is to host our Annual Tea Party. Edna and I host the tea the third Saturday every September.  This year was our 6th Annual Tea.  Every year has had a theme and this year I celebrated Pensacola’s beautiful beach.  Sir Streusel and I are thankful that we were so fortunate to raise our children in this gorgeous city. 

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