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A Much Needed Get-a-Way

I know I have been absent from my blog but a person never knows what is around the corner in the life they live.  My 93 year old Mother-in-Law has dementia and lives in a memory care facility.  Two weeks ago she suffered a seizure/stoke when I was alone with her.  It is not something I care to remember.  She had recovered from the ‘episode’ when she fell at her facility and broke her hip.  So I am blogging today from the hospital waiting for her to be taken back to surgery. Dementia is ugly, I hate it.  It strips a person of dignity, they are a shell of the person they were, and they are living in a lonely world.  I get plenty of laughs with Viv, I have learned to laugh and just ‘go with it’ when she says something that is not right.  It makes her laugh and we have a chuckle together.  Then the ugly appears.  She will ask me to take her to see her parents, or who are the people in the pictures in her room.  But through it all, she has remained the elegant lady that I have know her to be for 36 years.  She has become very dependent on me.  She tells everyone, I mean everyone, “Jody is in charge, she takes care of me.”  It breaks my heart every time I hear this.  She still knows my name and I am dreading the day when she doesn’t recognize me.  I try to prep her when someone is coming to visit.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.  As I sit with her this morning waiting for her to be taken back for surgery, I realize I know way too much about a disease that I have come to despise.

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