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Pancake Cake

Why do I love pancakes, oh let me count the ways!

  1.  They are fun!  
  2.  They are for everyone!
  3.  They are for breakfast!
  4.  They are for dinner!
  5.  They are cute!
  6.  They have a holiday named after them, “National Pancake Day”.
  7.  They are easy to make!
  8.   They can be made into a cake!!!

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Praline French Toast

It’s amazing how such a few ingredients such as bread, sugar, milk, eggs, cinnamon and vanilla can make something so  good.  French Toast has to be the epitome of a lazy Saturday Breakfast, or a Friday night dessert, or a Sunday brunch, or a Wednesday snack.  I believe French Toast should not be limited to Saturday morning breakfast.  It should be enjoyed anytime of any day.  Thank you for letting me get on my French Toast Soapbox!

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Ladies Night Out and Chocolate Filled Cake

Every third Tuesday of the month, the ladies in my Sunday School class, The FOLD, meet for Ladies Night Out.  We meet at a restaurant or someone’s home and enjoy fellowship and food.  We always have food.  It doesn’t matter where we are, what we are doing, we always make sure food will be there.  I mean, we will forget to tell our husbands where we are going, but we will make dang sure we remember the restaurant where we are eating or what our food assignment is to bring to someone’s home.  It is all…about…the…food.  Each month, we celebrate the ladies who have birthday’s in the particular month we are meeting.  Edna and I bring the dessert to celebrate the birthday girls!  We bake cupcakes, cookies, cobbler, layer cake, sheet cake, or whatever jumps into my little brain to bake for the ladies.  They are an easy group to please.  Whatever I place in front of them, they will eat, as long as butter, sugar, and chocolate are involved.  My motto is, “If I feed them chocolate, they will come.”  This past month I baked a Chocolate filled Cake.  It bakes in a 13 x 9 pan so it is transports easily.  It is a chocolate cake, poked and filled with more chocolate, frosted with a whipped chocolate, and because of all the wonderful chocolate, I topped it with mini chips.  I felt that if I used regular size chips it might make the cake too decadent.  So I went with the mini chips.  I’m smart like that sometimes.  I think the situation through.  I am glad we took the time to discuss this chip situation.  Believe it or not, the cake actually doesn’t taste that rich.  It was the perfect amount of decadence to indulge in after a night of food, fellowship and fun!

Oh you know you want this....admit it. The layers of chocolate mixed throughout the cake keep it moist and wonderful.
Oh you know you want this….admit it. The layers of chocolate mixed throughout the cake keep it moist and wonderful.

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Donut Cake

The third Tuesday of every month, the ladies in our Sunday School Class, The FOLD, meet at a restaurant for Ladies Night Out.  Edna provides a baked treat or goodies to share with the ladies.  The Ladies of the FOLD love, and I mean LOVE, Edna.  Recently, I saw this giant Donut Cake Pan and knew I had to have it.  I have no regrets for the purchase.  It makes the cutest Donut Cake that is perfect for Birthday parties, Ladies Night Out, or breakfast fellowships.   I really can’t think of any occasion this cake would not be perfect for.  It is so easy.  I used a Strawberry jam filling that was delicious with the glaze icing.  It received a lot of ‘oohs and aahhhs’ from the ladies when I lifted the cake pan.  But then again, these ladies always ooh and aah!!

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