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Summer Blueberry Roundup

Today is all about the blueberry!  Blueberries are Sir Streusel’s favorite summer fruit.  Strawberries run a close second, but I believe the blueberry wins being his favorite by a nose.  I am sharing a few of his very favorite blueberry recipes that  I bake for him so that you can use up all those blueberries you have picked this summer.  I am nice that way!

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The Best of Summer Dessert Round-up

I have rounded up my favorite summer desserts using the deliciousness of the summer fruits that are available right now.  It is time to get the cobblers baking and the trifles in the fridge!

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Valentine Dessert Roundup

I have been posting Valentine’s goodness for 2 weeks.  I have rounded all of them into one post for you.  I am helpful like that.  Aren’t you glad you are my friend?  There is so much goodness here to choose from.  

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Slow Cooker Cherry and Pineapple Cobbler

Today I am bringing out the Slow Cooker…..again.  If it will keep my kitchen cooler, me cooler, and the girls (Stella and Paloma) cooler, then BRING IT!  I have a dessert ready for Sir Streusel every time he returns home from work.  He spends four days a week out of town which means eating out and no desserts.  He said he would never waste calories on restaurant desserts when he gets the good stuff at home.  My heart zings every time I hear him say that.  When he gets home from this trip, a perfectly delicious Cherry and Pineapple Cobbler will be waiting for him that I didn’t even break a sweat while making.


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Blackberry Cobbler

Well, I survived the three birthday’s of my punks last week.  By surviving, I mean not being with any of them.  I will never get use to that, never.  I still need to be baking whatever their little heart’s desires and singing “Happy Birthday” to them all….day….long…..they have dreaded memories of my singing.  They all assured me that they wanted to be with me and wanted something that Mama baked.  Well, at least that is what they said and that is what I choose to believe.  Since I couldn’t bake the desire of their heart, I baked the desire of Sir Streusel’s heart, cobbler.  This has to be hands down the easiest cobbler EVER!  The blackberries come out of Edna, my beloved oven, in the most wonderful, delicious syrupy goodness.  The topping is a buttery crunch that is perfect for the blackberries.  It is the perfect ratio of crunch and blackberry gooeyness (Is that a word?).


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Cherry Cobbler

February is here….the LOVE month!  I love baking ‘LOVE’ food.  Everything gets turned into little hearts and covered in sprinkles, oh my I love sprinkles!  It’s also the month that our food is red:  Valentine red, heart red, flushed face red, just plain old red.  Let’s see if this cobbler meets all the requirements for a Valentine dessert:  it’s red–check,  it’s sweet–check,  it’s delicious–check, it’s sweet–check, it’s so easy it’s embarrassing–check.  The entire list was checked off for a perfect quick Valentine Dessert. My Valentine happens to love fruit desserts so I know this will show up for sure on our Sweetheart table.  Of course I will have to make myself something that involves chocolate. Continue reading Cherry Cobbler

Easy Peasy Peachy Cobbler

When it comes to desserts, this gal prefers chocolate.  Chocolate makes me do cartwheels.  Sir Streusel prefers fruit desserts.  He gets happy when he comes home and Edna has prepared a cobbler or fruit pie for him.  Now don’t hear me wrong about this, I love cobblers and pies.   It would just make me do a football field length of cartwheels if I could drizzle chocolate on top of them….just sayin’.  This has to be the easiest peach cobbler ever.  I mean, it’s like, ya know, what I’m tryin’ to say is, uhm, well, how do I say this….it is so dang easy it’s embarrassing.  Seriously, it’s the truth.  The best part of cobblers is that we normally smother them in ice cream.  So that makes this dish a ‘toofer’, you know, a ‘two for one’.  Two desserts for one dish.  I like ‘toofers’.  In my mind I am eating a bowl of peach cobbler.  In reality, I am eating a bowl of peach cobbler smothered in vanilla ice cream.  So get your ice cream ready to enjoy the easiest cobbler ever.

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Pecan Pie Cobbler

I was raised to respect the pecan.  My two brothers, my sister, and I would pick them up off the ground and fill brown paper grocery bags until the pecans spilled over.  My sweet Mama would take the pecans, in the bags, to be cracked and then……those darn bags came back home.  Each of us four kids would have our own bag and we would proceed to pick the meat from the cracked shells.  Cracked fingers, split fingernails, making sure the shell remnants fell back into the bags so there wouldn’t be a mess, was all involved in getting every little piece of meat we could salvage. But it was all worthwhile when Mama’s Pecan Pie appeared on the table.  In our family, that pie has a place of honor on each and every holiday and often ‘just because we want a ‘Pecan Pie’ day.  This dish is a quick way to get your Pecan Pie fix in a jiffy.  There is no crust to prepare.  Just a wonderful crisp topping covering that delicious pecan pie filling.  Get ready to fall in love my friends.  Remember, respect the pecan.

This dish is so easy to get on the table.  In a medium bowl,  combine the ingredients for the crumb topping, and in a separate bowl, combine the wet ingredients. Place the pecan halves in the bottom of the baking dish.  Pour the syrup mixture over pecans.  Top with the crumb topping.

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