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A Little “Doodle” Cake

I went into my kitchen and stared at Edna, my beloved oven, willing her to inspire me to bake Sir Streusel a ‘sweet’.  For whatever reason, I have had Snickerdoodle cookies on my brain.  I guess because Christmas is starting to appear in the stores and Snickerdoodles are a staple in our home during the holidays.  So I starting pulling together ingredients to make a small sheet pan cake with a frosting similar to the Snickerdoodle. This was the day the “Doodle” cake was born!  Not quite Snickerdoodle but 100% Doodle!  


Let’s just stop right here and absorb the fact that this little cake is DELICIOUS!

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Snicker + Doodle = Snickerdoodle

I love Snickerdoodle cookies.  I mean, really love them.  So I thought how wonderful it would be to make a bar out of this goodness so I could get a big thick bite all at one time.  It worked.  I killed it!!  All that sugar and cinnamon at one time….aaahhhh, heaven.  Sir Streusel ate 5, 6 maybe 8 bars.  I don’t know, I lost count.  But then again, he never has to worry about pulling out his ‘fat’ pants.  You know those pants.  The ones we all have tucked away in our closet that we pull on when we are getting in our serious eating groove?  I may or may not have two pair.  Did I mention that these bars have white chocolate in them?  Just another little bonus to enjoy and reason to possibly pull out those ‘special’ pants


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