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Black Bean, Chicken and Corn Soup

Well, it is officially fall.  In Pensacola, we are still hitting 90 degrees with over the top humidity.  We wear shorts and flip flops all year long.  As I matter of fact, I wore a pair of flip flops to church Sunday.  They were sparkly flip flops, but flip flops non the less.  You can buy a bathing year round in our stores.  You can find water floats, sunscreen, coolers, and anything you want with a flamingo on it.  As much as I love my Florida life, I need a little fall!  I need to pretend that there are pretty fall leaves on the ground.  I need to wear boots and a sweater.  I want a fire in the fireplace.  So instead of having these wonderful fall transitions actually happen, I light an apple caramel candle, make myself a pumpkin spice latte and get a pot of soup simmering on the stove!

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Caprese Chicken Salad

I felt like I wanted a salad.  I felt like I wanted chicken.  I felt like I wanted everything covered in delicious balsamic vinaigrette.  So I got in the kitchen and got busy.  Sometimes you just have to make things happen for yourself.  

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Spicy Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Here is a meal for you that is low carb, low fat, and best of all, cooked in the slow cooker!  It involves three ingredients: chicken, lime vinaigrette and chipotle peppers.

Can you believe this comes from three ingredients?!

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Chicken Stew

It’s been two weeks of emotions all over the map to say the least.  First and most importantly, let me share my Valentine present from my Sir Streusel.  This was my happy point in the past two weeks.  He had texted me the sweetest text earlier in the day and you can see my sweet response right back to my Valentine.

Are we the sweetest?!  Well, let me share with you the diamonds I received.

And just like that love was blooming in our home!  

Hey, do I have a romantic guy or what?!  I love how we tease each other.  If we do nothing else, we laugh…we laugh a lot. We don’t take ourselves too seriously.  Life is too short.  I loved my Valentine gift.  I showed it off with pride.  He knew exactly how much I would love lying in bed, eating my Pecan Log and watching any of the Housewives’s on Bravo.  I can’t wait until next Valentine’s day. Continue reading Chicken Stew

Hawaiian Chicken Nachos

There is a little football game coming up, I believe it is called the “Super Bowl”.  It’s not a big deal, just a little game very few people watch.  In my opinion, there are three things that are important to the success of this game; food, commercials, and the half-time show.  The food is the essential component to the success of this game.  It must be good, it must be able to be picked up with your fingers, and it must be worthy of being finger licking good.  I look forward to getting in the kitchen and preparing appetizers for the sole purpose of eating them in front of the television.  The bonus is licking my fingers in public.

These nachos fill all the requirements of this little football game.

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Chicken Spaghetti and “I Told You So”

This past week was all about bad weather, Valentine baking, and Chicken Spaghetti. 

This spaghetti was so good.  We thoroughly made pigs out of ourselves….in the privacy of our home!  

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Barbecue Chicken Dip

I have shared with you before how much my crew loves appetizers.  When I have all of my punks home, appetizers are in full swing.  This is one of our favs.  Creamy barbecue sauce, black beans, corn, cheeses, and sour cream all come together in the most delicious way.  Plan on having a lot, I mean a lot, of chips because they won’t stop dipping until it is all gone!

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Enchiladas in a Shell

I love enchiladas, love them.  I love pasta.  Combine the two and I am one happy girl.  I had a craving for enchiladas but didn’t want to go through the whole process of making them.  Mainly because I didn’t want to clean up the mess required to make enchiladas.  I did have a box of jumbo shells in the pantry and I can make any meal with those babies.


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Chicken Potpie

Saturday was this hunk’s birthday.

2015-09-01 17.45.41

I have a serious crush on him.  We just celebrated our 35th anniversary and my birthday, and now we get to celebrate his special day.  I rejoice daily that I was made just for him.  He treats me like a Queen, seriously, he does.  He lives his life to make mine a better one.  He is always respectful, kind, sweet, (so sweet), and funny.  The man makes me laugh, all the time.  I asked him what he wanted for his Birthday meal and he didn’t even stop to think. He responded quickly, “Baby love, all I want is your Chicken Potpie, roasted veggies, and Blackberry Cobbler.”  Well, when that man calls me ‘Baby Love’, I swoon and will cook whatever his heart desires.  


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Chicken Fried Rice

It’s been a dark, cloudy, rainy day.  This is the level of activity in the house today….as little as possible.2016-03-09 15.01.34

Days like this are just meant to sit with my girls drinking a cup of tea and reading a book.  I don’t think little Stella has used enough energy today to even blink her eyes.  I love that girl.  As much as I love sitting and relaxing with the girls, Sir Streusel needs dinner.  That means I have to finish my tea, stop reading my book, disturb the girls by getting up to prepare dinner.  I’m exhausted already.  What is it about these days that zaps the energy right out you?!

I haven’t made Chicken Fried Rice in a couple of years.  I have no idea what made me think of it, but I am so happy that I did!

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