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Valentine Dessert Roundup

I have been posting Valentine’s goodness for 2 weeks.  I have rounded all of them into one post for you.  I am helpful like that.  Aren’t you glad you are my friend?  There is so much goodness here to choose from.  

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Sweetheart Brownies

My Ballerina Baby trained 5 summers in New York City with the Joffrey Ballet and the American Ballet Theatre.  What great summers we had together!  

My Ballerina Baby
My Ballerina Baby

Right around the corner from the apartment we rented every summer for her training was the Chelsea Market.  Chelsea Market is an old warehouse full of the most amazing eateries you could ever imagine.  Anything you want is in that warehouse.  It is also the office space of Food Network, so you KNOW I loved it!  We probably ate dinner there three times a week after she finished her daily classes.  One of our favorite items to purchase for our walk back to our little apartment was a brownie from Fat Witch Bakery.  Those dang things were addictive.  We couldn’t get enough of them.  A few years back, Fat Witch  came out with a cookbook full of all their delicious brownies and bars.  Sir Streusel is a brownie addict.  After his love of fruit pies, cobblers, crisps, and cookies, the man loves a good brownie.  Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  What better way to love on your sweetheart than with a heart shaped brownie.  I used these silicone pans.  You could always bake these in a 9×9 pan and cut your heart out with a cookie cutter.  

Sweetheart Brownies for you and your sweetie or just you! I won't tell....
Sweetheart Brownies for you and your sweetie or just you! I won’t tell….

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He Said, She Said Brownies

He wanted Brownies.  She wanted Chocolate Chip Cookies.  She only wanted to bake one dessert.  She wanted to make him happy after working a long hard week in freezing weather in Connecticut.  After all, he is a Florida boy.  She  combined the wants and needs of these two lovebirds.  She must be a BRILLIANT woman!  This was the day that the Brownie met the Cookie.  Brownie + Cookie equals “Brookie”, and Cookie + Brownie equals “Coonie.” Which is it?!  I don’t know and I don’t care.  All I know is we were two happy people that weekend.  We each got what we wanted plus a bonus dessert.  A bite into this baby and you get a taste of rich chocolate followed by a chocolate chip cookie.  Have a mat on the ground ready to cushion your fall because you just…might…pass…out when you take a bite.  At the very least you will groan, moan and your eyes will roll back in your head.  It is just that good.


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