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Good Morning Muffins

I like to keep muffins in the freezer for Eric to pack in his suitcase for breakfast when he travels, which is every week.  Sometimes he just likes to have a cup of coffee and a muffin in his room before he heads out for the day.  I played around with this muffin for a while before I nailed it.  

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Pancake Cake

Why do I love pancakes, oh let me count the ways!

  1.  They are fun!  
  2.  They are for everyone!
  3.  They are for breakfast!
  4.  They are for dinner!
  5.  They are cute!
  6.  They have a holiday named after them, “National Pancake Day”.
  7.  They are easy to make!
  8.   They can be made into a cake!!!

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Strawberry Muffins

The past couple of weeks I have found some amazing Florida strawberries in my grocery store.  It’s early for strawberries but these were AMAZING!  As I was snacking on them during my car ride home, I got a vision of muffins, lots and lots of muffins.

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I love Saturday morning breakfast.  It is my favorite meal of the week to prepare.  No time table, no clock watching, no having to get in on the table before everyone is rushing out the door, just a relaxing morning in the kitchen at my own speed.  We love Migas.  Migas is a dish of tortilla chips mixed into a scrambled egg mixture.

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Praline French Toast

It’s amazing how such a few ingredients such as bread, sugar, milk, eggs, cinnamon and vanilla can make something so  good.  French Toast has to be the epitome of a lazy Saturday Breakfast, or a Friday night dessert, or a Sunday brunch, or a Wednesday snack.  I believe French Toast should not be limited to Saturday morning breakfast.  It should be enjoyed anytime of any day.  Thank you for letting me get on my French Toast Soapbox!

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French Toast with Blueberry Syrup

Saturday morning breakfast is my very favorite meal to cook every week.  Sir Streusel travels with his work and Saturday is the day he gets to slow it down a bit.  His favorite meal has always been breakfast.  However, eating hotel breakfast four morning a week has made him crave a home cooked breakfast..by me..and Edna.  I look forward to it because I refuse to rush my morning to have breakfast on the table.  What fun is that?!  None I tell ya!  I enjoy the slow pace of Saturday morning.  Having a slow cup of coffee or hot tea, having my quiet time and the girls on my lap.  Good stuff.

When I sit, this happens every time. I can't say know to these faces. Please excuse Stella's sleeping pose. She has never been one to act the proper lady like her sister Paloma.
When I sit, this happens every time. I can’t say know to these faces. Please excuse Stella’s sleeping pose. She has never been one to act the proper lady like her sister Paloma.  Stella’s motto is “It’s my world and I intend to enjoy it!”

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