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A Little Cupcake Dress

I had the privilege of baking a ‘Cupcake Cake’ for a baby shower.  I LOVE baking these little cakes.  They are definitely my favorite to serve at a function because there is no serving!  Guests just walk up and grab a cupcake.  There is no cutting, serving individual slices, no plates, no forks…..just grab and go!  I had the best time baking and decorating this little beauty.  I was torn between adding a sash or leaving it plain.

No sash. Pretty little dress that I thought looked just fine.
No sash. Pretty little dress that I thought looked just fine.

Sir Streusel walked in the kitchen and I asked his opinion of sash or no sash.  We discuss important issues like this because problems need to be solved!


With the sash.
With the sash.

Sir Streusel immediately responded, “Sash”.  He was right, the sash brought it to an entirely new level of cuteness!  I really think this little Cupcake Cake would make a cute little dress.  I am so glad Sir Streusel and I discuss world issues together and solve all the major problems in our world today.  

This is the little Mamma-to-be with her Cupcake Cake.  She is a Jazzercise instructor that is still killing it in her classes.  She is just waaaaay to cute!


Congratulations Lauren!  I was honored to bake your Cupcake Dress.  I can’t wait to meet your little girl!

Love ya,

Jody and Edna