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Catfish with Crawfish Sauce

I have a few dishes that I prepare that I would go toe-to-toe with any restaurant on any given day.  At least this is what Sir Streusel says to me.  This meal is one of them.  His quote verbatim, “Baby Love, you could serve this in a restaurant and people would be lined up outside to order it.”  Well, I am not one to disagree with my Sir Streusel.  This dish is seriously good.


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Roasted Salmon and Veggies

My back has been bothering me for months.  I told you on the previous post that I was finally on muscle relaxers.  Can we just have a moment of silence to praise the muscle relaxer?  Today I experienced my very first “Deep Tissue Massage.”  This massage is not a ‘whirly bird feel good’ experience.  This is a hang on,  grit your teeth and power through it experience.  My masseuse was wonderful!  She backed off when I grunted but kept the pressure strong and steady. I also learned it is a pinched nerve in my neck that is the culprit.  I feel better since the massage.  I could also be feeling better because I treated myself to a cupcake for being such a brave girl during the massage and let us not forget…..muscle relaxers! I should be back to my old tricks soon.

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