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Pecan Pie Cheesecake

I love desserts that are a “toofer”, two desserts in one.  This one is the best of both worlds, pie and cheesecake.  It is a perfect dessert to serve on your holiday table or give as a gift.  I know I wouldn’t turn down Pie/Cheesecake!

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Summer Blueberry Roundup

Today is all about the blueberry!  Blueberries are Sir Streusel’s favorite summer fruit.  Strawberries run a close second, but I believe the blueberry wins being his favorite by a nose.  I am sharing a few of his very favorite blueberry recipes that  I bake for him so that you can use up all those blueberries you have picked this summer.  I am nice that way!

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Strawberry/Blueberry Pie

Is there anything better than biting into a fresh strawberry?  When our punks were little, every year Eric would take them to pick strawberries.  Our little Paige would eat as many as she picked right from the ground.  She had juice running out of the corners of her little mouth.  One day as they were picking berries, she picked one that was covered in dirt and was so excited when she showed her daddy her berry.  Her words exactly, “Look daddy, it already has sugar on it!”

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The Best of Summer Dessert Round-up

I have rounded up my favorite summer desserts using the deliciousness of the summer fruits that are available right now.  It is time to get the cobblers baking and the trifles in the fridge!

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Punks, Frittata, Macaroons, Pepper Nachos, and Cheesecake

Let me start this post by stating that it is full of recipes from my weekend with my punks.  I have all of the recipes located at the end of the post, just keep scrolling!

Last week was a bonus week for this Mama, my Raleigh punks came home!  They normally only come home during Christmas but one punk couldn’t make it this past holiday so I got a bonus!  I literally could not stop smiling last week.

This was the first of three runs to the grocery store plus a run to the seafood market.

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Peach Slab Pie

I have been seeing this pie float around the web…a lot.  The more I saw it, the more my mouth watered.  

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Slow Cooker Cherry and Pineapple Cobbler

Today I am bringing out the Slow Cooker…..again.  If it will keep my kitchen cooler, me cooler, and the girls (Stella and Paloma) cooler, then BRING IT!  I have a dessert ready for Sir Streusel every time he returns home from work.  He spends four days a week out of town which means eating out and no desserts.  He said he would never waste calories on restaurant desserts when he gets the good stuff at home.  My heart zings every time I hear him say that.  When he gets home from this trip, a perfectly delicious Cherry and Pineapple Cobbler will be waiting for him that I didn’t even break a sweat while making.


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Blueberry Cream Pie

So, a few months ago I hurt my back.  Don’t know when, where or how, but I hurt it.  I don’t bend, twist, or jump like a used to… sucks.  Being a former gymnast, dancer and cheerleader, I am used to telling my body what to do, when to do it, and how to look when doing it.  Well not anymore.  Yep kids, those were the good ‘ol days.   The days when Mama could do any movement she wanted.  Now all I have to do is open the refrigerator door wrong and I throw something out of whack.  The plus side to this is that I finally couldn’t live with the pain any longer and went and got myself some…..Muscle Relaxers!  Oh my, now everything is beautiful in my world.  No pain, no bad words, just beauty.  Everyone and everything is just so beautiful this morning.  

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Mini Blueberry Galette

Blueberries are EVERYWHERE!  I am baking with them as fast as I can.  I baked these cute little Galette’s for the Fourth of July.  A galette is a flat round pastry.  I call them mini tarts, I’m not that fancy.  1 Continue reading Mini Blueberry Galette

Pecan Pie…with Chocolate

A couple of days ago, I was making a grocery list and preparing to go to the grocery store.  As I was making my list, Sir Streusel said, and I quote, “Are you going to bake me something sweet?  If not, just buy me a bag a cookies.”  After I counted to ten and did a few deep breaths, my reply was, “Of course I am going to bake you something this weekend.  I already have all the ingredients.  I will start as soon as I get home.  You poor, pitiful baby.    Your wife and Edna would never think of serving you a bag of cookies.  Now come here and let me rub your back and make you feel special.”  Nah, that was not my response.  After a BIG  eyeroll, my response went like this, “Don’t I always?  I am going to start on it as soon as I get back from the store.  Ok?  Ok.”  Seriously, I always bake him a goody on the weekend.  He works so hard during the week he deserves a treat.  Not to mention he has the same size waist as he did when we were first married.  I guess he was panicking that he wasn’t going to get his baked goody on that weekend.  He loves Pecan Pie.  I love chocolate, no secret there.  I merged the two and made heaven.  This would be a great Thanksgiving pie to have on the table.  The chocolate just gives it a little extra bit of gooey decadence…that can never be a bad thing! Continue reading Pecan Pie…with Chocolate