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Easy Peasy Peachy Cobbler

When it comes to desserts, this gal prefers chocolate.  Chocolate makes me do cartwheels.  Sir Streusel prefers fruit desserts.  He gets happy when he comes home and Edna has prepared a cobbler or fruit pie for him.  Now don’t hear me wrong about this, I love cobblers and pies.   It would just make me do a football field length of cartwheels if I could drizzle chocolate on top of them….just sayin’.  This has to be the easiest peach cobbler ever.  I mean, it’s like, ya know, what I’m tryin’ to say is, uhm, well, how do I say this….it is so dang easy it’s embarrassing.  Seriously, it’s the truth.  The best part of cobblers is that we normally smother them in ice cream.  So that makes this dish a ‘toofer’, you know, a ‘two for one’.  Two desserts for one dish.  I like ‘toofers’.  In my mind I am eating a bowl of peach cobbler.  In reality, I am eating a bowl of peach cobbler smothered in vanilla ice cream.  So get your ice cream ready to enjoy the easiest cobbler ever.

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Pumpkin Bread

It’s November!  It’s fall!  One day it is going to cool off in Florida and we will feel like fall!  In kitchens everywhere, fall is the season to celebrate pumpkin.  I am the first to run to Starbucks for ‘Pumpkin Spice’ coffee the day is appears on the fall menu.  

Look at the beauty. The first of many that will be consumed.
Look at the beauty. The first of many that will be consumed.

What would fall be without a hot loaf of pumpkin bread?  I don’t even want to imagine a world without pumpkin bread, or chocolate, or bacon, or heaven forbid….cheese.  I don’t even want to go there, that’s a sad world.  This is a great little recipe to share with neighbors.  I have a wonderful neighbor that helps me all the time with little things around the house when Sir Streusel is out of town.  He and his wife are often paid with goodies from Edna.  A loaf of this bread is surely going to make its way to their home, because it’s pumpkin….and it’s delicious!!

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