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He Said, She Said Brownies

He wanted Brownies.  She wanted Chocolate Chip Cookies.  She only wanted to bake one dessert.  She wanted to make him happy after working a long hard week in freezing weather in Connecticut.  After all, he is a Florida boy.  She  combined the wants and needs of these two lovebirds.  She must be a BRILLIANT woman!  This was the day that the Brownie met the Cookie.  Brownie + Cookie equals “Brookie”, and Cookie + Brownie equals “Coonie.” Which is it?!  I don’t know and I don’t care.  All I know is we were two happy people that weekend.  We each got what we wanted plus a bonus dessert.  A bite into this baby and you get a taste of rich chocolate followed by a chocolate chip cookie.  Have a mat on the ground ready to cushion your fall because you just…might…pass…out when you take a bite.  At the very least you will groan, moan and your eyes will roll back in your head.  It is just that good.


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Rocky Road Brownies

Sir Streusel’s  favorite ice cream is Rocky Road.  In 34 years of marriage, it is the only ice cream I have seen him eat.  I have also watched him eat gallons of it, I mean GALLONS of it and his waistline never changes. If I think about that fact for very long I could get angry so let’s keep moving.  He also loves brownies.  If I have a pan of brownies waiting for him in the evening, I get extra kisses.  So I knew “Rocky Road Brownies” would make him swoon.  I normally bake brownies from scratch, it’s the way Sir Streusel likes them.  But hey, when there is a box in the pantry, by all means use it!  The icing whips up quickly and fluffy.  Not too sweet, just right to top off the decadent brownies.  I baked these in a 9″x9″ pan and they were perfect.  Not one was left after 48 hours…..not one.  Don’t judge.

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