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Frozen Fruit Salad

The weather is gorgeous, Florida humidity is at a rare low, the grass is turning green, everything is coming together for me to sit outside and enjoy this beautiful spring.  Except, for me to truly enjoy this weather, I mean truly enjoy all it has to offer…..I will need a snack.  Girlfriend loves her snacks!

Remember the Frozen Fruit Salad your Grandma used to make and you could eat like a popsicle?  I had forgotten all about this little treat until I came across the recipe in my old index card file box full of recipes. This my friends is the perfect little snack to enjoy while sitting on your porch reading your favorite book. Continue reading Frozen Fruit Salad

Punks, Frittata, Macaroons, Pepper Nachos, and Cheesecake

Let me start this post by stating that it is full of recipes from my weekend with my punks.  I have all of the recipes located at the end of the post, just keep scrolling!

Last week was a bonus week for this Mama, my Raleigh punks came home!  They normally only come home during Christmas but one punk couldn’t make it this past holiday so I got a bonus!  I literally could not stop smiling last week.

This was the first of three runs to the grocery store plus a run to the seafood market.

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Game Day Food

Here is a roundup of some of our favorite Game Day food.  Football isn’t football without da food people!!!

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Hawaiian Chicken Nachos

There is a little football game coming up, I believe it is called the “Super Bowl”.  It’s not a big deal, just a little game very few people watch.  In my opinion, there are three things that are important to the success of this game; food, commercials, and the half-time show.  The food is the essential component to the success of this game.  It must be good, it must be able to be picked up with your fingers, and it must be worthy of being finger licking good.  I look forward to getting in the kitchen and preparing appetizers for the sole purpose of eating them in front of the television.  The bonus is licking my fingers in public.

These nachos fill all the requirements of this little football game.

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Game Day Hot Ham Sliders

Today I am sharing another Game Day Slider with you.  In the South, there is no such thing as too much football food.  I shared these  chicken Game Day Chicken Sliders with you previously.  Today Edna and I bring you Hot Ham and Cheese Sliders.  

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Popper Dip

Sir Streusel travels every week and rarely has time to enjoy the city he is working.  This past week he had a free night and he found this beautiful jewel…….


This man knows me like a book.  This teacup brought such a big smile to my face.  Although I LOVE this cup, it was the fact that he had a rare free night and he chose to spend it shopping for me a new teacup.  I wish you could see this cup in person.  It is just exquisite. Sir Streusel told me that he must have looked at 100 teacups before he decided on this one.  


I love the flowers inside the cup as well as the gold trim.  He knows I love gold trimmed teacups, he is a rare breed that actually listens.  I know I gush a lot about Sir Streusel, but he is worthy of gushing!

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We have a little Mexican restaurant we really enjoy.  We go there a lot, as in they know our names.  The bonus is they have outside dining so we can take the girls.

2015-10-03 16.27.58

They are such well behaved little girls.  They also like chips and salsa.  On the weekends we like to munch.  Sir Streusel doesn’t get to snack while he is traveling so we normally have one night while he is home that we ‘snack for supper.’  We love nachos so I thought I would try to recreate our favorite nachos from our little Mexican restaurant.


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Barbecue Chicken Dip

I have shared with you before how much my crew loves appetizers.  When I have all of my punks home, appetizers are in full swing.  This is one of our favs.  Creamy barbecue sauce, black beans, corn, cheeses, and sour cream all come together in the most delicious way.  Plan on having a lot, I mean a lot, of chips because they won’t stop dipping until it is all gone!

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Superbowl Black Eyed Pea Dip

Rumor has it that a little football game will be played in the near future.  Some little game called the “Super Bowl” or something like that.  While watching this game, I have heard that people need, no demand, “Game Food”.  Bring on the dips!  I have served this dip for so long I don’t even remember where it came from.  I serve it on all holidays when the punks are home.  This family is all about the appetizers.  This dip has it all, cheese, onions, salsa, hot sauce,  and sour cream.  I mean, come on people, what else do you need?  The best part, you only have to grate some cheese and chop an onion.  I normally add about 8-10 jarred jalapenos.  We like it spicy man.  This particular time, I didn’t add jalapenos because I didn’t have them.  Good reason right?!

10 (2)

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