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Dinner on the Ground…..Literally

Remember Dinner on the Ground that the country churches held on the last Sunday of the month?  Boy, I do!  Great food, fellowship and all you could eat!  Well, Sir Streusel and I had our own little Dinner on the Ground this past weekend….by accident.  I prepared a meal straight off of Betty Crocker’s website.  It sounded so good, mouth watering delicious.  I pulled the baking dish out of Edna, my beloved oven, and set it on my little table by the window to take pictures to share with you.  I’ll just let this next picture speak for itself…….

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Spinach Lasagne

I want to thank you for all the wonderful words of encouragement during my Mother-in-Law’s journey into Memory Care.  So many of us have walked this path or we are in the process of walking the journey.  It helps to share what we have learned with others.  I read every response, text, comment, and email.  Thank you from my heart.

Today I am sharing with you my Spinach Lasagne.  So good.  I mean, really, so good!  It has a secret weapon baked in… beans!  Oh baby those black beans make it mouth watering good.

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Chicken Stew

It’s been two weeks of emotions all over the map to say the least.  First and most importantly, let me share my Valentine present from my Sir Streusel.  This was my happy point in the past two weeks.  He had texted me the sweetest text earlier in the day and you can see my sweet response right back to my Valentine.

Are we the sweetest?!  Well, let me share with you the diamonds I received.

And just like that love was blooming in our home!  

Hey, do I have a romantic guy or what?!  I love how we tease each other.  If we do nothing else, we laugh…we laugh a lot. We don’t take ourselves too seriously.  Life is too short.  I loved my Valentine gift.  I showed it off with pride.  He knew exactly how much I would love lying in bed, eating my Pecan Log and watching any of the Housewives’s on Bravo.  I can’t wait until next Valentine’s day. Continue reading Chicken Stew

A Difficult Journey

Recently I posted that Eric and I were going through a difficult time.  We had the difficult task of moving Eric’s mom, Vivian- 93 years old, from her apartment in her assisted living facility to a memory care facility. She took a walk, became confused and walked a fair distance from her facility.  She fell in front of a home and the nice gentleman inside the home saw her.  After attending to her fall and asking her a few questions it became apparent that Viv was confused.  He assumed she was from the nearby facility and took her back.  How grateful we are for this kind soul.  The facility notified and informed me that she could no longer stay in assisted living.  Our daughter, Paige, works as the Activities Director in a Memory Care facility in Pensacola.  Viv said to Eric and Me that she desired to be with her granddaughter if she had to move to memory care.  Viv is still present at times and it has been so difficult for Paige and me to see her make this move.  She knows where she is and it is heartbreaking.   Eric travels so this move fell on me.  Thank goodness I have my girl here and she has a heart for the senior community. 

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Meet Jed

I had a vision.  It included a new loveseat, a boxwood wreath, shutters, and Jed.  I thought about this vision non stop, even in my dreams.  I finally discussed it with Sir Streusel and he said, “Get going, make it happen.”  Well, after I performed my ‘happy-dance’ for what seemed like forever, I ‘got going’!

I have brown leather leather furniture in my family room so I knew I couldn’t match the leather.  I went with a brown fabric that had texture and a darker color intertwined to give it some depth.

It took six weeks to come in and I was sweating it the entire time.  What if I don’t like it?!  What if it doesn’t match?!  What if the colors look like…..POOP!  I was afraid of the shade of brown,  very afraid.  I tried to match the legs, the shape of the arms, the back and the cushions to my furniture already in place.  I am a visual person so doing things on paper makes me nervous.  But the brown fabric matches the brown leather perfectly and I was over the moon when it was delivered!

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Scenes of Christmas

Christmas is but a few days away and I am soaking up every single minute of the time left.  I wanted to share with you some of the beautiful scenes of Christmas I have experienced this year.  It will be over all too soon and oh how I will miss the beauty of the season.

Don’t let that tongue fool you, these girls have loved the Christmas lights!

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Road Trippin’

Sir Streusel’s schedule doesn’t leave much free time for the two of us to hit the road together.  He works hard and he works all…the…time.  He has definitely earned his retirement in a couple of years.  We took advantage of a few days he was able to take off and did ourselves a little road trippin’.  We spent time in Savannah, traveled up to Charleston, and ended in Raleigh with our  sons and daughter-in-law for Thanksgiving.  We had perfect weather, high in the low 60’s and low’s in the mid 30’s.  I wanted to share with you some of the most delicious food ever to be consumed.  Sir Streusel and I like to eat where the locals eat.  No fancy Five Star restaurant, no celebrity chef, just good down home food.  I researched like crazy for the best local food.  If you are traveling to Savannah or Charleston, I highly recommend these restaurants I am sharing with you.




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Annual Ladies of the FOLD Tea Party

It comes every year.  It’s over too soon.  I want the day to continue forever.  Any day that I can spend with my Ladies of the FOLD is a great day. The FOLD is the name of my Sunday School Class, Following Our Lord Daily.  We celebrated our eighth annual tea party this past Saturday.  I have been working on it for months.  The past three weeks have involved setting the menu, tablescapes, grocery shopping, tea selecting, and all the extras that are involved.  It is worth every minute of planning and baking.  My home is full of tea, food, teacups, laughing, and wonderful friends.  How blessed am ?!


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Ladies of the FOLD Tea Parties through the Years

I starting hosting tea parties when my ballerina baby, who is now 24 years old, was five years old.  I would host a Mother/Daughter tea and it was so much fun to see the little girls in their best dresses and party hats come and eat tea food and sip tea.  Well, ballerina baby is grown and gone, insert me crying, but my love for hosting tea parties still burns strong.  Tea parties are just a wonderful opportunity for ladies to sit around the table eating delicious food, sipping great tea and to just enjoy the friendship that is among the group.


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Baked Ziti and Kindness

I saw wonderful examples of humanity and kindness during the Olympics.  Many times I witnessed a veteran athlete consoling a rookie athlete when the grasp of an Olympic medal was no longer in reach.  But my favorite moment of simple humanity and kindness  was during the Women’s 5000 meter race.  USA’S Abbey DiAgostino and New Zealand’s Nikki Hamblin collided and fell on the track with both athlete’s suffering injuries .  When Nikki stopped and helped Abbey up, I knew from that one single act of kindness the heart of Nikki Hamblin.  I could see the pain on Nikki’s face from her own injuries as she helped her opponent to her feet.  It refreshed my heart to watch that moment.  There is so much ugly right now everywhere around us.   It is out of control ugly.  I want to see more kindness.  I want to see more respect.  I want to see more Nikki Hamblin’s rise up and show character, respect and kindness.  I am so thankful I witnessed that moment live, as it happened.  It brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my face

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