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Celebrating Viv

This past weekend we celebrated the homecoming of my 93 year old Mother-in-Law.  She was two weeks shy of turning 94.  Eric and I were with her when she drew her last breath on earth and stepped immediately into the presence of our Lord.  Eric looked at me and smiled and said, “She is with Jesus.”  

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Visiting with My Raleigh Punks

Last week Eric and I went to Raleigh and spent time with our boys and daughter-in-law.  Even though it was 105 degrees during the coolest part of the day, I loved every minute. I love these guys……

Paul’s wife Shannan, Paul and Chase

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The Bunco Night Without Me

One of the best things I did this year was join a Bunco group.  I had never played Bunco before, didn’t even know what it was.  I thought it was a card game!  There are 12 ladies in the group and we each have a month that we host the night in our home.  My month was May.  No one likes a party better than me.  No one likes to entertain better than me.  No one likes to see people enjoying themselves while eating my food more than me.   Sadly, I missed the entire night.

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A Great Weekend with DONUTS!

Don’t you love the weekends?  Man oh man I do!  I try not to lift one finger for cleaning, running errands, or breaking a sweat.  I just want to kick back and do whatever we want to do, whenever when want to do it!  This past weekend we enjoyed brunch, went to the farmer’s market, relaxed at the beach, visited Vivian in her rehab facility, and finished off the day with DONUTS!!!  The weekend started off great with brunch at one of our favorite downtown restaurants, The Ruby Slipper Cafe.

My meal was two biscuits topped with a fried green tomato. The tomatoes were covered with shrimp in a tomato sauce. Oh my goodness, I need this in my life everyday!
Sir Streusel’s plate was Banana Foster with Candied Bacon. I snuck a bite, it was a good bite, it was a glorious bite, it was heaven!

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A Much Needed Get-a-Way

I know I have been absent from my blog but a person never knows what is around the corner in the life they live.  My 93 year old Mother-in-Law has dementia and lives in a memory care facility.  Two weeks ago she suffered a seizure/stoke when I was alone with her.  It is not something I care to remember.  She had recovered from the ‘episode’ when she fell at her facility and broke her hip.  So I am blogging today from the hospital waiting for her to be taken back to surgery. Dementia is ugly, I hate it.  It strips a person of dignity, they are a shell of the person they were, and they are living in a lonely world.  I get plenty of laughs with Viv, I have learned to laugh and just ‘go with it’ when she says something that is not right.  It makes her laugh and we have a chuckle together.  Then the ugly appears.  She will ask me to take her to see her parents, or who are the people in the pictures in her room.  But through it all, she has remained the elegant lady that I have know her to be for 36 years.  She has become very dependent on me.  She tells everyone, I mean everyone, “Jody is in charge, she takes care of me.”  It breaks my heart every time I hear this.  She still knows my name and I am dreading the day when she doesn’t recognize me.  I try to prep her when someone is coming to visit.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.  As I sit with her this morning waiting for her to be taken back for surgery, I realize I know way too much about a disease that I have come to despise.

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Braised Pork Chops and a Birthday

Well, let me start this post off by saying my shoulder is so much better!!!  I love my cortisone shots.  I start rehab in a week.  I am going to do everything possible to not have rotator cuff surgery.  Thank you so much for the Facebook, texts, and email well wishes.  It actually hurt to type last week.

Easter was wonderful in our home.  It was also Eric’s birthday.  I am sharing some of his Birthday/Easter meal with you today.  He deserves only the best.  I could have fed him corn dogs and potato chips and he would have been happy.  

The Birthday Boy with his cake.  His mom, who lives in memory care, was able to join us for the day and she remembered our names.  That was the best gift he received.

I can whip out cupcakes pretty quickly and with confidence that they will look pretty good.  However, I am NOT a cake decorator.  Cakes are a challenge for me.  This cake was definitely a labor of love for my birthday boy.

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Easter is Coming!

Yesterday was my birthday and our 36th anniversary.  Thirty-six years with the same man.  Thirty-six years spending my days with the same man.  Thirty-six years looking at the same man.  Thirty-six years cooking for the same man.  Thirty-six years doing laundry for the same man.  Thirty six years laughing with the same man.  Thirty-six years going through all the ups and downs of life with the same man.  Thirty six years of being a very lucky girl!

Of all my birthday wishes yesterday, and I loved each and every one of them, this was my favorite…..hands down.

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Punks, Frittata, Macaroons, Pepper Nachos, and Cheesecake

Let me start this post by stating that it is full of recipes from my weekend with my punks.  I have all of the recipes located at the end of the post, just keep scrolling!

Last week was a bonus week for this Mama, my Raleigh punks came home!  They normally only come home during Christmas but one punk couldn’t make it this past holiday so I got a bonus!  I literally could not stop smiling last week.

This was the first of three runs to the grocery store plus a run to the seafood market.

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Strawberry Shortcake

This past weekend was beautiful in Pensacola.  Perfect temperatures, perfect weather, perfect day to take a ride and spend the day outside enjoying a festival.  Fairhope, Alabama has to be, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful Southern towns to visit.  It is about an hour from our home.  It truly represents everything Southern.  The annual Arts and Crafts festival was this past weekend.  We saw some amazing pieces but more importantly we enjoyed just being outside enjoying the glorious day!

Sir Streusel had a GREAT day!  He didn’t think twice about getting his picture made with these Southern Belle’s.  He may look confused, but trust me, he knew right where he was!

I can’t take him anywhere.

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This and That

A little of this and a little of that is what I am sharing with you today.  I shared with you my version of “Dinner on the Ground.”

I do not recommend this version of the classic “Dinner on the Ground.”

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