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A Touch of Fall

I thought if I brought out some fall decor, fall would come.  It did, sort of.  Our mornings have been a little cooler so all of you in the Florida panhandle can thank me.  You are welcome!  We do not have the true seasonal weather in the panhandle.  In fact, our four seasons are hot, hot and humid, hot and sticky, and humid and sticky.  So a few days of slightly cooler temperatures are much welcomed.

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Keeping Busy, Having Fun and Delicious Roasted Potatoes

Things have been wild in Pensacola, fun, but wild and busy.  I like it that way.  I am not one to sit my days away watching tv or sleeping.  Now if I were to be truthful, I could waste some hours watching Dancing With The Stars or the Real Housewives of any city.  Ask me about any housewife in any city and I can tell you everything you ever wanted to know about her.  Eric tells me that is not something I really want to brag about but hey, those Housewives make me feel soooooo much better about my group of “Real Housewives of Pensacola”!  First things first, I baked my sweet Mama a cupcake cake for Mother’s Day.  It was her favorite bouquet of flowers ever.

Isn't she just the cutest?!
Isn’t she just the cutest?!

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Summer is on It’s Way!

Summer is on it’s way in Florida.  The humidity and heat are starting to make their presence known.  We still have a tease of spring in the air, but slowly and surely, that combination of heat/humidity is creeping into town.  I wanted to start making the transition from spring to summer decor in the house.  Summer decor to me is celebrating our gorgeous beach.  Eric and I could not have raised our family in a more beautiful place.  


Beautiful Pensacola Beach!

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A Little Cupcake Dress

I had the privilege of baking a ‘Cupcake Cake’ for a baby shower.  I LOVE baking these little cakes.  They are definitely my favorite to serve at a function because there is no serving!  Guests just walk up and grab a cupcake.  There is no cutting, serving individual slices, no plates, no forks…..just grab and go!  I had the best time baking and decorating this little beauty.  I was torn between adding a sash or leaving it plain.

No sash. Pretty little dress that I thought looked just fine.
No sash. Pretty little dress that I thought looked just fine.

Sir Streusel walked in the kitchen and I asked his opinion of sash or no sash.  We discuss important issues like this because problems need to be solved!


With the sash.
With the sash.

Sir Streusel immediately responded, “Sash”.  He was right, the sash brought it to an entirely new level of cuteness!  I really think this little Cupcake Cake would make a cute little dress.  I am so glad Sir Streusel and I discuss world issues together and solve all the major problems in our world today.  

This is the little Mamma-to-be with her Cupcake Cake.  She is a Jazzercise instructor that is still killing it in her classes.  She is just waaaaay to cute!


Congratulations Lauren!  I was honored to bake your Cupcake Dress.  I can’t wait to meet your little girl!

Love ya,

Jody and Edna

I’m Ready for Spring, Really Ready

I am ready for Spring.  In Florida, we have a very tiny window of opportunity where we can open our windows and celebrate the glorious weather before the heat and humidity settle in.  We call it….spring.  If you blink, you miss it.  But however many days we have, 4 days or 4 weeks, I love it.  Windows open, flowers starting to bloom, grass turning green, and a cup of tea on the porch, these are a few of my favorite things!  I wanted to get the house ‘spring ready’ without over doing like I normally do.  My motto is “Bigger is better” but then that mess has to be put back in the box.  The more I set out, the more I have to put back in the boxes.  So I knew I needed a new motto, “Keep it simple, Jody, keep it simple.”  There has been a lot going on in Sheaffer home the last couple of months and I needed to stick to my new motto.


I love tiered trays, no secret there.  Like I have stated before, I just keep cramming things in until I get it looking the way I like, or until I smile.  Colored jars, flowers, greenery, birds, whatever I could find went in.  I had never done a green and white tray before and I must say, I’m diggin’ it.

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A Little Spring Decorating

Easter is coming so early this year.  I always perk up when I set some spring decorations out and believe me, I need perking up!  I have a three-tiered tray that I purchased from Sam’s a while back. 4 I LOVE it!  I keep it out all year long and decorate it with each season.  I love how it turned out this year.  I just kept cramming flowers and birds into it until it looked the way I wanted.  I used colored glass jars from Michael’s and Target for flower containers.  The fuller it became, the better I liked it!
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A Valentine Party with the FOLD

I am a member of the best Sunday School Class ever!!!  We are called “The FOLD”, Following Our Lord Daily.  These people are my family.  They are the first to show up and the last to leave when there is a need in our class.  But please be assured, these friends of mine LOVE to have a good time!  Our teacher retired and we honored him at our Valentine Party.  Edna and I gifted a dessert table.  The class seemed to enjoy it, but then again, they are very easy to please!!


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Chocolate Dipped Oreos

The “Love” day is right around the corner!  I love everything pink, red and covered in sprinkles.  Sometimes I think I hear the sprinkles talking to me saying things like, “Hey Jody, we need to party, sprinkle on!”  “Hey Jody, we need to make these cupcakes cute today, sprinkle on!”  “Hey Jody, we can make this bad day you are having better, sprinkle on!”  I tend to get way to attached to my sprinkles.  Who am I kidding,  I am on a first name basis with every appliance, ingredient, cupcake liner, and utensil in my kitchen.  I mean, my oven is my BFF!!  As a food blogger, I am constantly looking for the latest, greatest and newest food item in my grocery store.  As I walked down my favorite aisle, a light started shining brightly guiding me to the very end of the cookie aisle.  I kept hearing a voice saying “Go to the Oreo…..the Oreo…..go to the Oreo.”

This is where the light was shining. This is where the great grocery store voice was leading me. It was a beautiful sight.
This is where the light was shining. This is where the great grocery store voice was leading me. It was a beautiful sight.

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Sweetheart Brownies

My Ballerina Baby trained 5 summers in New York City with the Joffrey Ballet and the American Ballet Theatre.  What great summers we had together!  

My Ballerina Baby
My Ballerina Baby

Right around the corner from the apartment we rented every summer for her training was the Chelsea Market.  Chelsea Market is an old warehouse full of the most amazing eateries you could ever imagine.  Anything you want is in that warehouse.  It is also the office space of Food Network, so you KNOW I loved it!  We probably ate dinner there three times a week after she finished her daily classes.  One of our favorite items to purchase for our walk back to our little apartment was a brownie from Fat Witch Bakery.  Those dang things were addictive.  We couldn’t get enough of them.  A few years back, Fat Witch  came out with a cookbook full of all their delicious brownies and bars.  Sir Streusel is a brownie addict.  After his love of fruit pies, cobblers, crisps, and cookies, the man loves a good brownie.  Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  What better way to love on your sweetheart than with a heart shaped brownie.  I used these silicone pans.  You could always bake these in a 9×9 pan and cut your heart out with a cookie cutter.  

Sweetheart Brownies for you and your sweetie or just you! I won't tell....
Sweetheart Brownies for you and your sweetie or just you! I won’t tell….

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Christmas in the ‘Sip and Mama’s Strawberry Cake

As I have mentioned before, I am a born and bred Mississippi gal.  We Mississippians like to call home the ‘Sip’.  My sweet Mama and Daddy always have and always will live in the ‘Sip.  My punks LOVE their Memaw and Papa Gene.  When they were little, they were completely in love with them.  Going to “Sippissippi” (as my small punks called it) was better than Disney World.  My daddy was like Daniel Boone to my boys.  He would take them hunting, fishing, teach them how to work with tools in the workshop, and search for arrow heads in the woods.  To this day, when the punks come home, we make the two and a half hour drive to Mama and Daddy’s house.  They wouldn’t think about going home without seeing them.

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