Meet Jody

Hi, my name is Jody. I am best friends with my beloved oven, Edna, but more about that precious lady later.

I am most comfortable in my kitchen with a cookbook open, wearing an apron, surrounded by bacon, cheese, and chocolate. I love feeding people and usually have a cake in my hands when I walk out of the house; hosting parties and entertaining is in my blood. I wear my biggest smile when my home is full of guests that are laughing, sharing, and eating.

Some important facts about me you need to know

  • I am a self-taught, Mama taught, and cookbook taught cook.Tom Jones
  • I am a Southern cook. A born and bred Mississippi gal that was transplanted to Florida.
  • I am an old-fashioned wearer of aprons. Love them. Aprons are an extension of my body.
  • I love to celebrate tea parties, brides, babies, birthdays, friends, and family.
  • One very important fact about me, I don’t do mayonnaise. Never, ever, ever! That stuff is nasty!! You will never find one recipe with mayonnaise on my blog.
  • ­­­­­­ I am a tea lover and a coffee addict.
  • I cannot breathe without bacon, cheese, and chocolate. Bacon makes me happy, cheese completes me, and chocolate makes me twirl.
  • I love Tom Jones….yes, THAT Tom Jones. I have loved him since I was 10 years old. I will remain forever faithful to him.
  • I have a cookbook addiction. My family is planning an intervention.Books The books are breeding on their own and taking over the bookshelves.

The three most important things in my life

  1.  I love my family and they love me. One husband, three punks, and one daughter-in-law.


My crew: the hubs, boys, baby girl, and daughter-in-law Shannan. I can never seem to get them all rounded up at the same time!

**Just a little side note:  My punks nicknamed their sweet daddy Sir Streusel several years ago.  Just a little something I felt you needed to know  when you read the name.  You also need to know that he is very, very cute.  I also have a crush on him.

The Girls

I love my girls, Stella and Paloma. They take care of me and love me unconditionally. 

I love Jesus. He died on the cross for my sins so that I may have eternal life. Every day is another day to serve and glorify Him.

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