Celebrating Viv

This past weekend we celebrated the homecoming of my 93 year old Mother-in-Law.  She was two weeks shy of turning 94.  Eric and I were with her when she drew her last breath on earth and stepped immediately into the presence of our Lord.  Eric looked at me and smiled and said, “She is with Jesus.”  

I was with her pretty much around the clock her last three weeks.  I read Psalm 27 to her everyday.  I would sit next to her wheelchair and she would place her head on my shoulder and fall asleep.  I would sit for as long as she would sleep, no matter how bad the cramp in my neck became.  I would show her pictures of her family and tell her how much everyone of them loved her and that she had played such an important part in their lives.  She would look at me and call me her “sweetheart”.  She said, “Jody and Viv are a team.”  She would tell the staff, “Jody takes care of me.”  Those words may not seem like much to someone reading this but to me, they were everything.  She had lost 90% of her speech but she willed herself to say those precious last words to me.  Her last physical movement was blowing me a kiss.  Oh my heart was breaking but how I cherish that last kiss. 

This is a forever moment.

The Lord honored this woman her last week on earth.  She got to visit with all three of her sons within a four day period.  She was so happy!  Each son had his private time with her to tell her how much she meant to them.  Eric spent his time reading to her and just ‘being’ with her.  She loved to hold hands and we did a lot of hand holding. I tried to capture as many sweet moments Eric had with her as I could.  

The night before the service, I had the Sheaffer family over for dessert and coffee.  Edna was put through her paces baking three cobblers, cupcakes, cookies, pecan pie, and a chocolate fudge cake. 

My punks have always said to me, “Mom, you cannot bake just one dessert when people come over can you?”  I can’t!  I have to make sure there is something for everyone.

There was lots of visiting and catching up between brothers and cousins.

Deep conversation going on here between my ballerina baby and Eric’s twin brother, Scott.
Everyone always ends up in the kitchen and I LOVE IT!

Table set honoring sweet Viv.
Another table honoring our Viv.

  Her three sons led her beautiful memorial.  It was touching, heart wrenching and humorous.  Most importantly, it honored the Lord.  Viv was a Godly woman, a prayer warrior, and a bible scholar.  Her Bible was near her until she couldn’t read anymore and then I made sure I read scripture to her everyday.

Her three sons, Mike, Scott, and Eric honoring their mother.

Her Bible, her glasses, her prayer shawl, and a classic Viv picture.

I will miss her.  I have taken care of her for two years.  I was with her everyday for her last three weeks.  There is a void in my days and in my heart.  I can still see her blowing me that kiss.  I love you Viv.  You will be missed.

Love ya,

Jody and Edna

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