Visiting with My Raleigh Punks

Last week Eric and I went to Raleigh and spent time with our boys and daughter-in-law.  Even though it was 105 degrees during the coolest part of the day, I loved every minute. I love these guys……

Paul’s wife Shannan, Paul and Chase

First hurdle on the trip was getting through Atlanta.  Geeze, is there ever a time to travel through that city without the crazy traffic?

When we arrived at Paul and Shannan’s house, Paul had been smoking a pork loin and a brisket all….day…..long.  What a treat to have my punks cook for me!  Let me be very clear, my boys can COOK!  They can cook me under a table any day of the week.  I just puff up all proud when they are in the kitchen.  I don’t eat beef so Paul was so very thoughtful and smoked the pork loin for me.  He may have earned a few ‘favorite punk’ points for thinking of his Mama.

This pork loin is directly from the smoker to the bowl to be shredded.  I only wish you could have smelled that kitchen!

Then the brisket came inside.  I thought Eric was going to have a spell when Paul began to slice through that piece of meat.

Chase brought the sides.  Corn bread and Mac and Cheese, all gluten free so his brother could eat them.

We feasted after our two day drive to Raleigh. The best part of the meal, I didn’t have to lift a finger to cook or clean-cup. I raised ’em right!

Meet my Grandpuppies, Trevor and Sherlock.  Trevor, the shepherd, is only 7 months old.  He is a little on the big side to say the least.

The next morning as we waited for our table for breakfast, we walked into the bakery that was next door.  This place was packed inside and outside with a line snaking down the sidewalk.  It was everything I wanted in a bakery.  It was quaint, beautiful, cozy, and full of bakers,

Our table was ready and it had been waaaaaay oo long since I had enjoyed a breakfast with my Raleigh punks.  I was savoring every moment with them.

Breakfast with my guys. Gosh I love my people.

After filling our bellies, the guys went fishing and Shannan and I went shopping.  Hey it was 105 degrees, I was staying inside for as long as I could!

It doesn’t matter what I am shopping for, I always….always end up in a kitchen store.  

A lot of these cookie cutters now live in Pensacola.
Oh Kitchen Aid, why do you torment so badly?

Handbags are my weakness.  A Pinata, Hot Sauce, a Taco Truck…..seriously?!

Who wouldn’t want a Taco Truck handbag?!

I love Pottery Barn.  I have been known to spend an hour or two inside this beautiful store.  This table was GORGEOUS!

One night we ate dinner at a delicous Mexican restaurant.  As we were walking up to the building, I noticed a young lady sitting at an outside table.  She was clearly in a bad way given that she was passed out with a liquor bottle on her table.  I was feeling bad for this poor thing until I noticed she had shiny plastic legs!!!!

You would have thought she was a real person, right?!
Chicken and Shrimp. Now that’s Mexican food!

I cooked a morning breakfast of their favorite frittata and cheese grits.

My punks favorite breakfast, Frittata and Cheese Grits.

I love these punks.  I wish they weren’t so far away.  I am so very proud of them and they have definitely made their way with their own successful lives, but couldn’t they have done it in their little boy bedroom decorated with dinosaurs?

Our twins, our boys, my punks. FYI: Chase is the oldest by 5 minutes.


Paul and his precious wife Shannan. I hit the jackpot with this young lady. She is a gem and takes such good care of my boy.

The next morning Eric and I headed home to Pensacola and I may have looked out the window, with my sunglasses on, and broke into the ugly cry.

Love ya,

Jody and Edn

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