A Much Needed Get-a-Way

I know I have been absent from my blog but a person never knows what is around the corner in the life they live.  My 93 year old Mother-in-Law has dementia and lives in a memory care facility.  Two weeks ago she suffered a seizure/stoke when I was alone with her.  It is not something I care to remember.  She had recovered from the ‘episode’ when she fell at her facility and broke her hip.  So I am blogging today from the hospital waiting for her to be taken back to surgery. Dementia is ugly, I hate it.  It strips a person of dignity, they are a shell of the person they were, and they are living in a lonely world.  I get plenty of laughs with Viv, I have learned to laugh and just ‘go with it’ when she says something that is not right.  It makes her laugh and we have a chuckle together.  Then the ugly appears.  She will ask me to take her to see her parents, or who are the people in the pictures in her room.  But through it all, she has remained the elegant lady that I have know her to be for 36 years.  She has become very dependent on me.  She tells everyone, I mean everyone, “Jody is in charge, she takes care of me.”  It breaks my heart every time I hear this.  She still knows my name and I am dreading the day when she doesn’t recognize me.  I try to prep her when someone is coming to visit.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.  As I sit with her this morning waiting for her to be taken back for surgery, I realize I know way too much about a disease that I have come to despise.

After the ‘episode’, Eric and I were exhausted.  I told him we needed to get away from doctors, rehab, facilities, schedules and work.  We simply needed a break. We knew we couldn’t go far, we have to stay close, so Eric took me to one of my favorite places ever….the happiest place on earth!

Yep, we did Disney….adult style!!!  No kids, no waiting in line for character pictures, no character meals, no shopping for mouse ears, just simply doing what WE wanted to do, when we wanted to do it.  I didn’t realize Disney could be so fun!!!

We had just driven in and checked into our hotel. Look how we immediately relaxed! I knew a get-a-way was what we needed!

Epcot was in the middle of their annual “Flower and Garden Show”.  Everything was draped in flowers and we took our time strolling and looking at every exhibit.  It was exactly what we needed.

This reminds me of myself with my punks, two little boys and a little baby girl.

I want a red Begonia skirt like Minnie. I am most sure I can pull that look off.


Epcot couldn’t have been more beautiful.  It was the perfect way to kick off day one!

Day two, still happy, still relaxed.

We hit up Hollywood Studio on day two.  This was the beginning of our love/hate relationship with roller coasters.  I love ’em, Eric hates ’em.  

I will never grow tired of the the majesty and pagentry of “Beauty and the Beast.”

My boys have been Star Wars fans since they could walk.  This is for you Chase and Paul!!

Day three, still happy, still relaxed, still like each other…..except for the whole roller coaster issue.

Animal Kingdom is beautifully landscaped, has outstanding animal exhibits and a GREAT ROLLER COASTER.

This gal was AMAZING! Of course Eric was standing at her side telling me to take his picture before I even figured out there was a human insided that greenery.


There is a roller coaster named “Mt. Everest.”  I think this picture speaks for itself.

Can you tell which one of us is enjoying every minute of the ride and which one is just trying to keep their neck still? #poorguy #thisonedidhimin

At the end of the video, I ask him that after the roller coaster experience does he still love me, he responds…….barely.

I sent this picture to my sister who is a huge Tarzan fan.  She immediately texted back, “Oh please, please, please, bring him home for me!”

Disney had great food, we definitely did not get hungry.


What is it with this guy and women statues?!

I want one of these.  I need one of these.  I want a pink one.

We had such a great few days together away from hospitals and facilities.  Little did we know that just a couple of days after we returned home we would be facing a broken hip.  It is our season of life and our “new normal.”

If you have never done “Adult Disney”……DO IT!

I know this post was long but I wanted to share with you how great it can be to take just a little bit of time for yourself to relax and refresh the spirit.  

I hope to be back next week with recipes, my true love.  However, reality is I have to get Viv in a rehab facility and the new journey begins.  

Thank you to all of you for the emails, texts and messages of love and support.  I read each and every one of them and they truly are a source of encouragement and love.  I have been blessed with the greatest of friends!

Love ya,

Jody and Edna


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