Two Adorable Entrepreneurs

I love the farmhouse decor that is showing up everywhere!  Instagram is covered with the farmhouse look.  The farmhouse look is all about making your home relaxing and welcoming while at the same time keeping it simple.  Well we have two of the cutest farmhouse decor entrepreneurs in our city that you will ever meet.  Their business is named  “Our Funky Farmhouse” with the motto, “Let us add some funk to your farmhouse.”  I want to share with you the business these two young gals have started.  

Meet Ali and Courtney!

Ali Leonard and Courtney Tidwell met in college in the BCM program, Baptist Campus Ministry.  Ali had already possessed a desire to be a ‘fixer-upper’ when she asked Courtney if she liked to craft.  Courtney was a Mary Kay Representative at the time but said she would pray about it.  Fast forward to these two cuties having booths in local craft shows.

This is where is all started.  

They started with a table of frames, chalkboards and wreaths at a craft show.  They quickly realized they not only had a talent for refurbishing, but a desire to pursue this new found talent.  They sent in an application to an antique mall and got their very own booth.  BOOM!! They were in business!!!  They went from a table of gift items to refurbishing furniture.  Well, I’m impressed!

These girls yard sale, a lot, and look for unique pieces that can be turned into a treasure.  They also got to estate sales and always keep their eyes open for the trash on the side of the road.  Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

 They use the same process I use when looking at a cake, how can I amp up this baby?!  They look at a piece and visualize what it could eventually be with sanding, painting and staining.  I look at a cake and try to visualize it with chocolate, lots of chocolate.

I love the aqua color on this piece and how the girls left the rough edges on the top for that farmhouse effect.
This piece received a major overhaul with black paint and chicken wire. I LOVE what they did with this beauty.
This is a ‘before and after’ picture of their ‘Jank” table. They stripped, painted and scuffed. I think it is perfect!
The girls found these chairs on the side of the road and completely transformed them with fresh paint and fabric.  Their talents are amazing! I think this chair speaks for itself. I can see myself sitting on it eating a cupcake!

They truly have an eye for the ‘trash to treasure’ pieces as they see the beauty in the trash.  Since they look for free or rock bottom prices on their pieces, they keep their prices low and pass the bargain along to their customers, smart girls!

I’m digging the Chicken Wire frame.
I am a tea party lady. It goes without saying that this caught my eye immediately!



Look at that adorable Menu/Schedule board! Love it!

I wish I had their eye for color. There is color everywhere in their booth!

I would name him ‘Clyde’.


Follow them on Facebook and keep up with all the new pieces they put in their booth weekly.

The girls take special orders.  They will try their best to find a particular piece a client is looking for and refinish it to meet the client’s need.  

I did a rapid fire round of “Either/Or” with the girls on food because ya know, I’m a food blogger.  They were the cutest things ever and it became our favorite part of the interview.

They disappointed me on the cupcake or cake issue, but redeemed themselves with bacon!

I had one final question for them before I left.

“What makes you happy?”

Ali:  Sparkly Things!!!!   I also enjoy helping others any way I can.

Courtney:  My dogs, Oscar and Franklin.  I also just want to enjoy life and have fun!

I loved their answers.  Nothing deep or profound, just simple fun answers to a light-hearted interview.

I had so much fun with these two.  Don’t let their cuteness fool you.  They are die-hard business women with a crazy talent for finding trash and turning them into treasures.  If you are looking for the farmhouse decor, get in touch with these two young ladies at Alyssa’s Antique Depot.

Love ya, 


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