Valentine Dessert Roundup

I have been posting Valentine’s goodness for 2 weeks.  I have rounded all of them into one post for you.  I am helpful like that.  Aren’t you glad you are my friend?  There is so much goodness here to choose from.  

First up are these delicious Cherry Cake Bars.  Part cake, part cobbler, part bars.  These are sure to fulfill your sweetheart’s needs.

Have a big glass of cold milk ready for these Strawberry muffins.

The way I see it, Oatmeal Cherry Bars can be eaten for dessert or breakfast.  They have oatmeal in them.  Enough said.

You will need to prepare the entire bag of Chocolate Dipped Oreos, I promise you.


Aaaaah, Sweetheart Brownies.  Is there anything more perfect for your sweetheart than decadent fudge brownies?

My Valentine always goes for the fruit desserts so the Cherry Cobbler is high on my list.

My Sweet Mama’s Strawberry Cake is one of the most popular post on the blog.  You can’t go wrong with Sweet Mama!

If you are looking for something light, fluffy and gorgeous, bake the Strawberry Dream Bars.


It’s always the right time for a Donut!!!!  

You might want to throw everything into a slow cooker, make yourself all purdy for your Valentine and your dessert will magically appear.  The Slow Cooker Cherry and Pineapple Cobbler can help you with that plan.


So pick which goody would make your Valentine feel the love while eating, make your grocery list, get to the store, then get baking for your sweetheart!  

Edna and I hope this roundup makes your Valentine planning a little easier!

Love ya,

Jody and Edna






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