Meet Jed

I had a vision.  It included a new loveseat, a boxwood wreath, shutters, and Jed.  I thought about this vision non stop, even in my dreams.  I finally discussed it with Sir Streusel and he said, “Get going, make it happen.”  Well, after I performed my ‘happy-dance’ for what seemed like forever, I ‘got going’!

I have brown leather leather furniture in my family room so I knew I couldn’t match the leather.  I went with a brown fabric that had texture and a darker color intertwined to give it some depth.

It took six weeks to come in and I was sweating it the entire time.  What if I don’t like it?!  What if it doesn’t match?!  What if the colors look like…..POOP!  I was afraid of the shade of brown,  very afraid.  I tried to match the legs, the shape of the arms, the back and the cushions to my furniture already in place.  I am a visual person so doing things on paper makes me nervous.  But the brown fabric matches the brown leather perfectly and I was over the moon when it was delivered!

Behind the sofa was a blank wall as a china hutch that had previously occupied this space.  Let me say right now, unloading that china cabinet, moving it, then reloading it was very time consuming.  I have a lot of teacups.  I think they secretly breed at night.


For weeks I scoured the internet and stores for ideas.  I knew the basics of what I wanted.  I was seeing shutters, boxwood wreath, and a frame.  This was what I decided to go with and used my floor as a pattern.

Shutters were too overwhelming for the space.  I found these iron pieces and loved them.  I tied it together with the iron piece at the top.  I fell in love with the arrow.  It has an iron heart in the middle so that worked perfectly.  The wreath was missing something.  It needed something.  It needed….Jed.

Poor Jed.  He has no idea that Valetine hearts, Easter eggs, patriotic stars, pumpkins and candy canes will be hanging on him.

Here is my finished project and I am in love with every piece.


Sir Streusel got everything hung and didn’t roll his eyes once.  Well he may have rolled them when I told him to address the deer as “Jed”.  Jed is now part of the family.  

I love my pillows.  I had a difficult time picking the fabric for them but I am very happy.

I wanted to share my latest project with you.  I love it and sit and stare at it all day.   Most importanly, I hope you love Jed.

Love ya,

Jody and Edna

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