Road Trippin’

Sir Streusel’s schedule doesn’t leave much free time for the two of us to hit the road together.  He works hard and he works all…the…time.  He has definitely earned his retirement in a couple of years.  We took advantage of a few days he was able to take off and did ourselves a little road trippin’.  We spent time in Savannah, traveled up to Charleston, and ended in Raleigh with our  sons and daughter-in-law for Thanksgiving.  We had perfect weather, high in the low 60’s and low’s in the mid 30’s.  I wanted to share with you some of the most delicious food ever to be consumed.  Sir Streusel and I like to eat where the locals eat.  No fancy Five Star restaurant, no celebrity chef, just good down home food.  I researched like crazy for the best local food.  If you are traveling to Savannah or Charleston, I highly recommend these restaurants I am sharing with you.




To begin our trip, we had to share the highway with this guy….


Our first stop was beautiful Savannah.

Dinner our first night was at “Fiddlers Crab”.  It is located on the riverfront with a gorgeous view.  I had Blackened Fish Tacos and I do believe I could have eaten them every night.  The seasoning was spot on.  The new potatoes were melt in your mouth good.  Seriously, they melted in my mouth!


The Riverfront at night is so pretty.


River Street Sweets is well, I will let it speak for itself.

I will take a dozen of each with no eye-rolling or judgement thank you.  With all of that goodness, Sir Streusel got his favorite treat, Chocolate Covered Marshmallows on a stick.  Sometimes he can be so boring!  I was strong and walked out without a thing, but it was a struggle.

The next morning for breakfast I couldn’t get Sir Streusel out of bed fast enough.  I was like a kid on Christmas morning.  We were going to Back in the Day Bakery!!!  I have been fans of Cheryl and Griff forever.  They are a husband and wife team that own and operate one of the most successful bakeries in all of the Southeast.  Their two cookbooks are two of my absolute favorites.  I cook from them all the time.  One of the many things that is so impressive about this couple is that no matter how famous they become, they still get up at 3:30am and get to the bakery and start working.  

I was about to walk through the doors of the Holy Grail.


It’s just like I stepped back in time inside a good friend’s kitchen.  Look at the chandelier!!!


Just take it all in.  I was like that super fan you see on tv that needs to be sedated when I walked in!


Every where you look you can see the visual details that have been invested in this charming bakery.

This is just a sampling of the goodies that Cheryl and Griff serve each morning.  

I could just face plant myself into each and everyone of these beauties.

I hated to leave “Back in the Day” bakery.  I could have stayed with Cheryl and Griff all day.  But the crowning moment for me was this,


I took one of my cookbooks on the trip hoping to get it signed.  I was grinning from ear to ear!  Heck, the trip had just started and I could have gone home right then!

We then toured some historical homes.  I highly recommend the Owen Thomas House and the Davenport House.  

When in Savannah, your trip is not complete without a visit to the world famous “Leopolds Ice Cream”.

Believe it or not, this was the kiddie size.

Oopsies, right around the corner was this jewel.


This Snicker Macaroon was worthy of an eye-closing moment.

Sir Streusel wanted to eat at “The Lady and Sons” for dinner.  He loves Paula Deen’s fried chicken.  I had the Panko Crusted Tilapia that was tender, moist, flavorful, and perfect.


This is what Sir Streusel came for……fried chicken.

The next morning we ate breakfast at Goose Feathers Cafe.  We eat here everytime we are in Savannah.  The pastries, bread, quiche, etc. are always fresh, always.

See that little piece of quiche in the picture, that is mine. EVERYTHING else is Sir Streusel’s. Of course his pants weren’t even tight when he finished eating. AAAAAGGGGHHHHH!!!!

We toured Green-Meldrim House after breakfast. Then it was off to Forsyth Park.


I named this guy Herb. We had a connection. I told him my most private thoughts. He told me he liked my spunk. I am definitely going to visit Herb again.

We took the Civil War Walking Tour.  If you have a history buff, like my Sir Streusel, do not miss this tour.  Facinating!

Our last morning found us having breakfast at Clary’s.  Clary’s is nothing special to look at.  But you know it is the place to eat when it is full of nothing but locals.  Clary’s has become famouse and earned a name for itself because of its delicious down home food.


Good Bye Savannah, here we come Charleston.

The Ravanel Bridge that leads to Charleston.

Hello Charleston.  

The famous Pineapple Fountain welcoming all to Charleston.

Dinner took us to Low Country Bistro.

See that little Crab Cake with Green Tomato Relish?   That was my dinner.  Homeboy had Chicken and Waffes and She-Crab Soup.

Our first morning we had breakfast at Sweet Water Cafe.

Sir Struesel had an omelet, grits and a biscuit. He said the omelet was as light as a cloud.

We headed out and toured the Heyward Thomas House and the Nathaniel Russel House.  The Nathaniel Russel House had this amazing staircase and most exquisite dining room.


After touring these two homes we joined a tour of the history of Charleston.  Of course my Sir Streusel was eating up every minute of this tour.  He tours the houses for me, I do the history tours for him.  We go together like peanut butter and jelly!

Can’t go to Charleston without seeing the famous Rainbow Row.


Charleston is known for their barbecue.  Poogan’s Smokehouse is one of the best in the Southeast.

Saint Louis Ribs. Sir Streusel didn’t leave a shred of meat on his plate.

Day two breakfast was enjoyed at the Dixie Bakery and Cafe.  This is another no frills cafe, just locals and a concret floor but mouth watering food.

The BEST homefries I have ever had….hands down, the best!

I surprised Sir Streusel with a tour of Fort Sumter.  We loaded the boat, went to the fort and I don’t think Sir Streusel missed one lecture or one piece of information in the museum that is there to be read.

Fort Sumter. First shot of the Civil War was fired from this fort.

11After the tour, we just strolled and took in the city.  We had been touring non stop since we left Pensacola.

I want to share just a few of the beautiful parts of this city.


Charleston is full of hidden little alleys around every corner.


Is this Southern charm or what?!


Look at the roof on this cottage. Looks like it belongs in an English countryside.

Our last dinner before we headed to Raleigh to meet our punks for Thanksgiving was at Fleet’s Landing.

We shared an appetizer of Hush Puppies filled with lobster, rock shrimp and crab.  We need to have a moment of silence for the Hush Puppies.  5…4…3…2…1  ok, we can resume talking.  I ordered Salmon with Lemon Dill Shallot Butter, mashed Potatoes and Collards.  Sir Streusel enjoyed Swordfish with the same sauce as I had, Lima Beans and Mashed Potatoes.  When in Charleston, go to Fleet’s Landing.16

As we walked back to our hotel this place pulled us in.  We fought it, but the gravitational pull won.  I will share that Sir Streusl enjoyed a piece of cake, but this gal was full!


How do you ever choose just one??

We left for Raleigh the next morning.  I was so excited to get my hands on my punks.  I don’t get to see my sons and daughter-in-law but twice a year and that is hard for this Mama.

I know this post was long but I hope you enjoyed it.  I have had so many people ask me to blog our trip for future reference.

I know it looked like we ate non-stop but we only eat two meals a day.  Sir Streusel however could eat all day long and never gain an ounce.  

Thanks for indulging me.  I hope you enjoyed Road Trippin’ with us!

Love ya,

Jody and Edna


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