Skillet Chicken and Bacon

I have had so much fun watching the Olympics this past week.  If you know me at all, you know I live for the Olympic Women’s Gymnastic Competitions.  I don’t talk, I don’t accept phone calls, I don’t cook, I just breathe the Women’s Gymnastics.  Well, I have had a ball!!

We have a team of BEASTS…..


They dominated by EIGHT points!  That is unheard of.  These tiny BEASTS brought home the Gold.


I am not ashamed to say that I cried when they won, I cried during the National Anthem, I cried watching them wave to their fans and family, I was a mess.  It was a great day for Team USA!

Now let’s talk food.  I have been thinking about this dish for a while.  I really like one dish meals.  There are only two of us at home now and the majority of the time just one…ME!  So I like to throw it all in together and let the magic happen.  I love all things rotisserie chicken.  If I can get my hands on a rotisserie, I can get dinner on the table quick, like, real quick.  I had bacon, which if you ever come to my home and there in not bacon in my fridge as well as my freezer, you know I am not well.  I also had broccoli and of course I had cheese.  I have pounds of cheese, pounds people!  I just needed to make a really good cream sauce and I was good to go.

This is the end result. You will want to get to the finish line on this dish.

I started with a base of small pasta shells.  Use whatever pasta you have.


Next, fry up some bacon.  I love the snappin’, crackin’, and poppin’ that happens in that skillet.

20160726_104120Remove the bacon from the skillet and throw in the broccoli.  Cook just until it is a bright green.  It will finish cooking in the oven.


Remove the skillet and add butter to the pan.  Let it melt and add garlic and flour.  Whisk to combine and gradually whisk in milk until thickened, just a few minutes.


Now it’s time for the cheese.  Stir in a cup or more if you like.  Stir until it melts.  Respect the cheese, it demands it.


Throw in the pasta.

20160726_110500Add the rotisserie.  This skillet is starting to come together just like I imagined in my head.

20160726_110745For the final ‘throw in’, throw in the broccoli and bacon.


Stir everything together and make all the ingredients friendly.  I hope you make this just so you can see how pretty it is.


Add more cheese to the top and smother it, you won’t have any regrets.


Put in the oven, set on broil, just until cheese melts.


Look at the creamy sauce, it is as goods as it looks.
Everything you need in one skillet; chicken, broccoli, pasta, bacon and cheese.
Everything you need in one skillet; chicken, broccoli, pasta, bacon and cheese.
2016-02-24 11.56.57-1
I live by this motto……


I hope this becomes a regular with your family.  It has everything you need for a meal.  Throw a salad together and you are good to go!

Now, I have to go put on my sparkly leotard and work on stickin’ my dismount.



Love ya, 

Jody and Edna

Skillet Chicken and Bacon
  1. 5 slices bacon, chopped
  2. 1 cup broccoli florets, chopped
  3. 1 tablespoon minced garlic
  4. 1/2 cup butter
  5. 1/4 cup all-purpose flour
  6. 2 1/2 cups whole milk
  7. 2 cups mozzarella cheese, divided
  8. 3-4 cups small pasta shells
  9. 3-4 cups shredded cooked chicken (rotisserie)
  1. Preheat oven to broil.
  2. In a 10" cast iron skillet, cook bacon until crisp. Remove bacon using a slotted spoon to a paper towel lined plate.
  3. Add broccoli to drippings in skillet. Cook until bright green, about 3-4 minutes. Remove from skillet with a slotted spoon.
  4. Add butter to pan. Melt over medium heat.
  5. Add garlic and flour to butter, whisking to combine.
  6. Gradually whisk in milk until thickened.
  7. Stir in 1 cup of the the cheese until melted.
  8. Stir in cooked pasta, chicken, bacon, and broccoli.
  9. Top with remaining 1 cup of cheese.
  10. Broil about 5-6 inches from heat until cheese begins to brown, about 6-7 minutes.
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