Loving My Yard

I wish I could stall time where I would have this in my yard every single day. It is so pretty, peaceful, colorful, and lovely.  I try to enjoy every single day of the beauty before it fades.  My hydrangeas are putting on a show this year.  They have bloomed in the most beautiful colors I have ever had in the yard.  I have to give Sir Streusel all the credit.  He takes care of the outside, I am in charge of the inside.  He knows how much I love flowers and he aims to please me.  


Be sure to click on each picture to see an enlarged view.


I have never had this color before and I wish you could see it in person.  It is gorgeous!


This one still has lots of blooms left to come.


These are my absolute favorite this year.  I only have five and I am very protective of them.  They are huge!




My roses in the front yard are such a deep rich color this year.  The second picture is just another view of the backyard.

My backyard swing is one of my very places to spend time.  I love the border of flowers Eric planted for me.


My blueberries, blackberries and jalapenos are starting to appear.  I love picking the berries and going right into the house and baking a cobbler or pie.  That is what you call FRESH!


Cucumbers and tomatoes are coming in.  Fried Green Tomatoes have already made appearances on our table.

The yard is putting on a show stopping performance right now.  I wish I could share it with you sitting on my swing with some scones and a cup of tea.  


Thank you for indulging me.  I am just loving all the color and never want it to end!

Love ya, 

Jody and Edna

****click on each picture for an enlarged view

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