Summer is on It’s Way!

Summer is on it’s way in Florida.  The humidity and heat are starting to make their presence known.  We still have a tease of spring in the air, but slowly and surely, that combination of heat/humidity is creeping into town.  I wanted to start making the transition from spring to summer decor in the house.  Summer decor to me is celebrating our gorgeous beach.  Eric and I could not have raised our family in a more beautiful place.  


Beautiful Pensacola Beach!

We hit the beach every weekend.  We look forward to it all week.  The most activity we do is float around in our chairs, and of course, laugh.  Our time at the beach is the only time I ever see Eric stop and relax.  At home, he never stops, never.  It’s amazing how much work it takes just to maintain ‘life’, geeze!  

I love pulling out the summer decor.  This little lady is my favorite of all.

I call her ‘Perla’


She is the focal point on the tray setting.  I love everything in this tray.  From the life guard chair to the retro bathing beauty to Pearla.  It’s definitely my favorite.

Another tray with shells from Pensacola Beach. Nothing fancy, just simple and clean.
This tray is on my kitchen counter. I love the cup, “Catch me by the Sea”.
This is Eric’s favorite. It is filled with Pensacola beach shells.


This is my tiered tray.  You can see the transformation it made from spring  here.

This is the reverse side
A little closer view.


I LOVE this plaque.

I enjoy decorating for the seasons.  It doesn’t take a lot of time and comes together quickly if you use the same base pieces.  My tiered tray and other trays are my standard bases that I use.  I just keep cramming things in until I get it right.  I like for my summer decor to be cleaner, less ‘crammed’, than spring and holidays.  It reminds me of the beach, clean white sandy beach with beautiful turquoise water.

If you need me, I will be at the beach….floating….with a big smile on my face.  Or I might be in the water working on my skills with my mermaid tail!

mermaid 1

Love ya, 

Jody and Edna

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