Red Velvet Poke Cake

It’s the holiday season!  It’s party season!  It’s the season to eat!  It’s CAKE season!!  Oh my I love this season.  I had a party this past weekend, have two parties this week, and I have a party and a luncheon next week.  All of these events require a cake that easily transported.  That means…..a 13″ x 9″ cake…lots of them.  This cake will be partying quite a bit with me.


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Road Trippin’

Sir Streusel’s schedule doesn’t leave much free time for the two of us to hit the road together.  He works hard and he works all…the…time.  He has definitely earned his retirement in a couple of years.  We took advantage of a few days he was able to take off and did ourselves a little road trippin’.  We spent time in Savannah, traveled up to Charleston, and ended in Raleigh with our  sons and daughter-in-law for Thanksgiving.  We had perfect weather, high in the low 60’s and low’s in the mid 30’s.  I wanted to share with you some of the most delicious food ever to be consumed.  Sir Streusel and I like to eat where the locals eat.  No fancy Five Star restaurant, no celebrity chef, just good down home food.  I researched like crazy for the best local food.  If you are traveling to Savannah or Charleston, I highly recommend these restaurants I am sharing with you.




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Chicken Pot Pie with Green Apples

I am sharing with you a little twist on an old classic.  I need you to imagine Chicken Pot Pie right out of the oven, steaming hot, being served on your table.  Now imagine Chicken Pot Pie with green apples cooked into it and topped with cheddar dumplings.  That got you smiling didn’t it?!


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Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken Noodle Soup.  Just say it.  Just say, “Chicken Noodle Soup”.  Did you feel the calm sweep over you?  Did you feel like you were just wrapped in a snuggly blanket?  Did you just feel your blood pressure lower 20 points?  That my friends is the power of Chicken Noodle Soup.


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Marshmallow Creme Filled Donut Cake

Oh my dear darlings, let me introduce you to Marshmallow Creme Frosting.  It is life changing.  Light, fluffy, not to sweet, just sweet enough, firm enough to hold its shape, and eye-rolling delicious.


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Game Day Hot Ham Sliders

Today I am sharing another Game Day Slider with you.  In the South, there is no such thing as too much football food.  I shared these  chicken Game Day Chicken Sliders with you previously.  Today Edna and I bring you Hot Ham and Cheese Sliders.  

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Slow Cooked Pulled Pork

I love anything that is slow cooked.  I love that I can get our meal going in the morning, get done what I need to get done during the day and our dinner is being perfectly prepared.  I just don’t think a cook can have too many recipes that don’t keep them tied to the stove or oven.  I am here to add one more to your recipe box….Spicy Pulled Pork.  It has a kick, a good kick.

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Popper Dip

Sir Streusel travels every week and rarely has time to enjoy the city he is working.  This past week he had a free night and he found this beautiful jewel…….


This man knows me like a book.  This teacup brought such a big smile to my face.  Although I LOVE this cup, it was the fact that he had a rare free night and he chose to spend it shopping for me a new teacup.  I wish you could see this cup in person.  It is just exquisite. Sir Streusel told me that he must have looked at 100 teacups before he decided on this one.  


I love the flowers inside the cup as well as the gold trim.  He knows I love gold trimmed teacups, he is a rare breed that actually listens.  I know I gush a lot about Sir Streusel, but he is worthy of gushing!

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A Little “Doodle” Cake

I went into my kitchen and stared at Edna, my beloved oven, willing her to inspire me to bake Sir Streusel a ‘sweet’.  For whatever reason, I have had Snickerdoodle cookies on my brain.  I guess because Christmas is starting to appear in the stores and Snickerdoodles are a staple in our home during the holidays.  So I starting pulling together ingredients to make a small sheet pan cake with a frosting similar to the Snickerdoodle. This was the day the “Doodle” cake was born!  Not quite Snickerdoodle but 100% Doodle!  


Let’s just stop right here and absorb the fact that this little cake is DELICIOUS!

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Chicken Corn Chowder

I believe I have been cooking this chowder since I was a new bride.  I have worked and tweaked it through the years and it has become a hands down Sheaffer family favorite.  I can remember dropping my little punks off at school and telling them I would have Chicken Corn Chowder ready for them when they returned home.  I would get the sweetest smiles returned to me with a big, “Thanks Mommy”!  Oh be still my heart, I miss those little punks.  I may go a couple of years without making this chowder, but when I do, we remember just how much we love it.


I made this for Sir Streusel and me this past weekend and I got a sweet smile from him as well.  That smile makes my heart skip a beat!

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